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Bedtime Stories


Adam Sandler, Keri Russell, Guy Pearce, Courtney Cox, and Teresa Palmer will be starring in the upcoming comedy film Bedtime Stories, which evolves around a hotel handyman (Sandler) whose life changes when the lavish bedtime stories he tells his niece and nephew start to magically come true.

With a mixture of the family and fantasy genre, the film's trailer (which was released September 22), is now online. You can view it below...

Bedtime Stories will be making a trip to theaters on December 25, 2008 (this Christmas).

can you really see Adam Sandler in a "nice" movie?

.... I cant.
something witty goes here......

Got possibilities if handled right. Sandler is very hit or miss.
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Saw this one recently. My teen and I enjoyed it. We usually enjoy Sandler's movies. Cox looked scary skinny, btw. I hate to see that. Russell looked great.

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This looks great definatly going to check it out!
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This looks good. I like sandler's movies.. I think he is cute and fantastic. He plays role in so cool ways.

This was a really great movie.

I was kind of skeptical of seeing this. If you've seen a bunch of Sandler movies (like I have) you'll probably think, same old same old. He'll be this witty character that gets old after thirty minutes.

But this was not the case!

His character was very loving, funny, and I think this is a great movie for any age.

Not only that, it was a very sweet movie. (Am I using the word sweet to describe an Adam Sandler movie?) Yes I am!

Go this is movie if it's still out in theaters. You'll be pleased.
Hey that's a nice TV, how about we unplug it and throw it out the window?

Go this is movie if it's still out in theaters. You'll be pleased.
Unless I'm mistaken, Bedtime Stories came out on DVD last month...
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