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Movie plot hole


I was arguing my point to a friend, here's the plot hole:
Okay, first off, has anyone seen Tales from the crypt from 1972?
Alright, the whole idea is that the five people in the crypt are dead and on their way to hell.
The third story is like the monkey's paw, a woman wishes that they have money, which leads to the husband's death, next she wishes him home the way he was before the accident. He is brought in a casket, because he actually died of a heart attack.
The third wish was to bring him back to life and to live forever, which he does, in perminent pain because he was embalmed.
You see, there's a gap in logic, how can he be in hell when he's essentially in a living one?

it like a metaphore or somthing. Like he can never die so even though he is alive he is still in his onw personal hell. on a techinicallity he is dead but yet alive. Trippy

You see, that's just it.
How can he be in hell, but physically be alive?
She even tries chopping him up with a sword to end his misery, but that only makes it worse.

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From what you've described, there is no plot hole.

This guy, is alive, and can't die.
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No, you see he was in the crypt and was sent to hell.
Either he's alive in screaming agony for eternity or dead and in hell.

Sorry, forgot to explain, the stories are in flashbacks, so he's in the crypt, but at the end of his flashback he is screaming in pain from being embalmed, and never dying.
So, you see this is paradoxal.

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It's true that he's chopped up, but when he comes to the tour of the crypt, he's whole. The point is that at somewhere along the way enough of him was destroyed to show up to the Cryptkeeper. They didn't have to show all the burnings, etc. and have the ashes buried underground. The real plot hole is that when his wife wants him brought back the way he was before the accident, that he shouldn't have been embalmed.

(Different Story)

Personally, I think that's a terrific film, so I really don't care about either plot holes. The film works well the way it is, in my opinion.
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I have heard the other plot hole, but I think's it's just how her wish was understood.
Also, something I thought, the other guy could have wished him dead again (ie, gives every owner three wishes).