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Saddest movie you have seen


What is the saddest movie you have seen ever in your life?

At first I thought it was Requim for a Dream, but recently I have realized the saddest movie ever is the one which completes a story started in 1977.

Yes, thats right the saddest movie I think I have ever seen is Revenge of the Sith.
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Oops I forgot to also mention that Braveheart comes at a very close second place.

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i dunno wtf, Equi.

i'd say Birth recently brought me to tears, or would have if i'd been alone at home and not with some friend who doesn't appreciate emotional effusions..., Nicole wow, the end is...
Donnie Darko did, three time at least, of 6 times seeing it, same thing, depending if i had company or not... that song makes me wanna die.
The Myth of Fingerprints didn't, but leaves an aftertaste of void, and why the ****** life has to be like that?
The Last Picture Show, and death IS a sad thing, and so is the memory of this particular movie with the woman of my life, lost in between somewhere, "a shame cuz i did like that dress", says Tori Amos... don't ask me.

all of them in my fave list (that must contain some 12 movies or so??), and probably because they're sad, so it's important for me a movie is.
The Man Who Wasn't There comes close
and so does Levity,
(both with Billy Bob Thornton)
and Ghost World is, at the same time is not, sad, it's just, life. but well, life is, so...

this last is among my faves, so i've been thinking of rewatching the two other ones, and may add them to my fave list then. (especially the first one mentioned)

United States of Leland is no fun party either. highly recommended.
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Originally Posted by undercoverlover
Elephant man people, come on
depends what and how deeply one identifies oneself with...
me, it's the above mentioned movies more than that one...

The People's Republic of Clogher
It used to be Watership Down but more recently it's:

Dolls (2002, Takeshi Kitano)

It opened up old wounds and while I think it's a great film, it's not gonna be watched again in a hurry.

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I'd have to say Mystic River. That whole movie was one big gut punch.
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Crap, I forgot about some of these. Sometimes I never know whether or not to love a movie that opens up old wounds.

i wouldnt call it the saddest ever but Rain Man got to me the first time i saw it
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A.I. or Dancer in the Dark...

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There are alot of sad and tearjerkers for me...and a few threads already started on that topic...
....but I guess 'the' saddest movie for me was probaby Grave of the Fireflies (1988). The story of two kids who have no hope of survival really got to me. They were so sweet.

Saddest scene for me (which I know you didn't ask for, but I'm in a posting mood) toss up between...

Sophies Choice...Her 'choice' haunted me and stayed with me for a few days.

Rain Man...towards the end when the fire alarm goes off and Charlie falls apart...that hits way too close to home for me...Dustin was right on target. Pierces my heart every time.

Tacitus ...I haven't seen Dolls...I'll have to look for it.

Of Mice and Men (1992)
An American Tail
Life is Beautiful

All of those movies are sad to me.
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The Hours would definitley be up there
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Woody Allen's Interiors - that thing depressed the hell outta me... yet, I still love it.
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Originally Posted by liam5000
Woody Allen's Interiors - that thing depressed the hell outta me... yet, I still love it.
why "yet"???????????????????????????????? , it is actually
the BEST reason to love a movie.

"I can't help it..."
Originally Posted by chicagofrog
why "yet"???????????????????????????????? , it is actually the BEST reason to love a movie.
While I do agree that a depressing film can be a great experience - I wouldn't say that it's the "best reason to love a movie". Still; different strokes for different folks

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Originally Posted by liam5000
different strokes for different folks
we're on the same wave.

Irreversible, strange choice, the end (or beginning) is really happy, but then you remember the beginning (or end) and it all crashes and tore my heart :'(

(Dolls any good Tac? Looked a bit arty for me)

The Yearling and Old Yeller are the saddest that come to mind right now...
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