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Female Beauty We Appreciate


beauty is relative, But I would say she is not my type
Everyday im shuffling

@Harvey Hall Who is this lovely lady above?
Itís Barbara Palvin.

Alicia Keys..Angela Bassett..Joie Reid..Michelle Obama...Kalita Smith..Mary Wilson..Viola Davis.

Youíre the disease, and Iím the cure.
Kate Beckinsale

Toni Storm
ďI really have to feel that I could make a difference in the movie, or I shouldn't be doing it.ď
Joe Dante

Melissa George is a great choice. I'm sure I've posted quite a few pics of her in my time on this site. Hopefully none of these though.

Awesome! Love Melissa George. @Cobra, that pic you posted is a lovely peek-a-boo photo. And a nice collection there @honeykid.

Taylor Cole:

Charlize Theron