What are these rare films?


Does anyone know where to watch any of the films on this blog? It has pictures of all these title shots but I can't find them....

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One of the movies shown is Black Mama White Mama which appears to be available on Amazon movies.

The other ones were probably such movie failures that they didn't stay around long enough to be 'unrare'.

Sorry. I misread the movie title. It was Black Mamba White Mamba, and I can't find that movie.

I tried looking for the movie companies listed on the title page, and I couldn't find a single one.

If you look at the year of Baby Down the Drain, it says it was from MCMLIX (1959), but the fashion and car aren't from that year.

Are these real movies????

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Are these mostly foreign movies?

I think OHForums has the correct suspicions. Most of the dates make no sense and the production companies don't appear to have ever existed. Additionally, all of the title designs have the same "artists touch". Just some graphic design parody, of reasonable quality to be fair. More disappointing is that even if they were real films I doubt I'd be interested in seeing many of them.