What would you do if you won the lottery(one billion)?


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Well....What would you do if you won a lottery(one billion)?
I will resign my job and then....i don't know...what to do...what u do?

We've gone on holiday by mistake
An amount that large, perhaps I would enter the movie business somehow, try to become a major producer/director.

Of course I would take care of my family and share a lot of it with relatives/friends/partners family etc.

Buy a monster house somewhere nice in the countryside.

It would be very important to have a purpose and not just be very wealthy sitting around watching home cinema all day, swimming in your pool etc. Without a purpose or job leisure time loses its novelty. Start a charity or something. Adopt kids from really deprived parts of the world etc.

We've gone on holiday by mistake
Ask Michael Bay how much it would take for him to STOP MAKING MOVIES PLEASE. Then give it to him.

Give it to Michael Bay, so that he could create another good action movie. I need more!
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Be so busy spending money never post here again.
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Hmmmm.. That's more money than I know what to do with.. Probably buy new art supplies, a new video camera (I REALLY need one), Go to the renaissance festival a few more times... Buy a BUNCH of movies.. Hmmm.. Prolly spend the rest on junk.. This is a harder question than I thought.

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Go on a month long vacation to England
Buy a dream house in Florida & TN
Put alot of it in savings for Julesee's future

I'm pretty sure there would never be a billion dollar lottery.

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I'd have to set up a charity or something, the guilt of having all that money and not doing anything worthwhile with it would drive me mad.

Which is partly to do good, but mostly to satisfy my own need to feel good about myself.

...although I might buy an island and live on my own where no one can bother me. Bah!
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Would pay off all my debts, move to a huge house in the country, adopt a dog (preferably a golden retriever), and just enjoy a life of ease.
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Not worth thinking about as it will never happen anyway quite happy with my life so far
Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.

Make films, but hell, I'm doing that already, so nuts to the money.
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One billion what?
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I would give a bunch to my parents then buy a small island and string up a hammock between two trees and drink margarita's all day. Whatever would be left would go into some sort of interest earning account to pay for my drinks.

I don't really have any friends, so shove off, the lot of ya! I never want to see people again!

Would pay off all my debts, move to a huge house in the country, adopt a dog (preferably a golden retriever), and just enjoy a life of ease.
This is exactly what I would do. Plus, I would just disappear. I'd cut off all my connections to people -- even though it would be funny to watch people who've ignored me in the past start calling and writing and being my best friend just to get money -- and just live by myself, comfortable, living a life full of material possessions until I died of old age. I'd make sure I'd eat something nice everyday -- well, maybe not everyday or else it might get boring.

It would just be a long, comfortable death sentence to me. Death by lottery ticket -- I don't think I'd want to get involved with life all of that much because I wouldn't want to run the risk of losing my money. When you've got it made, keep it that way. Life's short in the long run anyway.