The MoFo Top 100 Documentaries Countdown

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Gunslinger, Sexy and HK we are fixed
Fixed? Like dogs? I'm not and pretty sure Gunslinger isn't. HK definitely is.

Haven't seen the Kubrick one, definitely interested though. I thought Dogtown and Z-Boys was very good but ultimately didn't end up voting for it. Think HK may have voted for Dogtown so his head will be spinning with this set

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I had both of the last two really entertaining flicks. Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures was my #8. I have the coffee table book also.

I had Dogtown and Z-Boys at #22.

All six movies so far should be seen by all, unless you can't take Earthlings.
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On second thought I remember hearing of Earthlings, but knowing I probably couldn't stomach it at the time. I probably could now. I have the DVD of the Kubrick one but never got too it. Shocked it's this low. Haven't heard of the other one.
Yeah, there's no body mutilation in it

I love Kubrick: A Life in Pictures, but I didn't really consider it for my list. If it were a list of the twenty-five best docs only about films or filmmakers, then yup, for sure it is there.
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I forgot about that Kubrick doc....
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The Kubrick doc marks the first entry I've actually seen. I liked it, but thought it was just good rather than great.

EDIT: Wait, did Touching the Void make the list? I saw that.
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.

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Documentaries on filmmakers interest me, that's why I entered one or two in my list that otherwise would make for mediocre documentaries for others.

Haven't seen any of the films so far, though that is to be expected when my documentary game isn't that strong...

I did watch about half of Touching the Void once, but I had to stop it due to whatever reason I can't seem to remember.

Didn't even know a doc about Kubrick had come out.

The Roger Ebert one should definitely make it on the list. It was so devastating.


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I'll be shocked if Roger Ebert, Life Itself is not high up on the list. I choose not to watch it as I just couldn't do it, but I'll be rooting for it.
So it might be garbage? But you want it high up the list?

So it might be garbage? But you want it high up the list?
You totally misunderstood me. I look up to Roger Ebert, I use to watch him and Gene Siskel when they had their review show on PBS in the mid 80s. I can't watch Lift Itself as it would be too hard to see someone who I admire become so sick and die.

YES! One of my all time favourites has shown up. Dogtown & Z Boys was my #3. I just love watching that film and have done so many times. It's a film which just flies by for me and one which I can, and have, sat and watched again once its finished.

In a shock to no one, I've not seen the other one. But I have seen and enjoyed Stanley Kubrick's Boxes, which probably won't make this list. Which is a shame because it's probably better than the one which did show up.

This will probably be the most difficult for me to predict, but I think I'll have another 7 or 8 show up if I'm lucky.
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