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Did anyone in here besides me see Decalogue? So far, I've only seen the first two hours of this 10 hour film, and it's amazing. I highly recommend it. Tell me what you think about it!
You don't have to be sober to weigh spinach.

Oh man, it's incredible. I hear it's out on dvd now, I"m buying it!
**** the Lakers!

Yeah, you can get it at Border's for $30. I live in Los Angeles, so I don't know if it's only in this one. Im gonna buy it for sure.

Re-watch of this 10-parter. Film quality has not fared well over the years & this director is not too fond of indoor lighting.

Very grim in parts. By the time I finished part 7, I was pretty much done.

It would be very interesting if these 10 very good stories could be made today depicting modern times.
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I've wanted to see this for years, but could never find it where I am, Canada. Is there anywhere I can rent it without buying it?