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Movie based on 1940's, war and romance


Very probable on WW2, a young man meets a girl in some dance hall.

They eventually get engaged. The couple agree not to enlist him to the Army because that'd separate each other.

The most solid scene I have in memory is when he visits her house and knocks to tell her that he'll go to War anyway. Then they argue for a minute and he leaves running. But just three seconds later he runs back and kiss her.

One more thing I remember is that he grew up at the rural and worked along with some guy that was pissed off since the boss paid this man less once.

Probably been a few with those types of scenes - assuming it actually involves the war here's a Wiki link to WWII films by date ranges which may be of some assistance if you can narrow down when you think it might have been made.

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Harrison ford - Hanover street????

There are so many! I'll check from late 1980s to 2010, nothing out of there. Hanover street is not, it's out of that range.