Looking for an 80s chinese movie (fantasy, martial arts and comedy)


It's been a few days since I'm trying to find this chinese movie from the 80s. I barely remember a few scenes from it, but would love to watch it again!

The things I remember are the following:

It's sort of a mix of martial arts and kids comedy, kind of B movie. It should be from the 80s or ealy 90s. Chinese, although it was voiced to spanish in my country.
  • The protagonist seems to be a kid with a shaolin ponytail, from the past.
  • He seems to accidentally travel through a spiral-shaped portal to the modern era.
  • He mistakenly drinks water from a toilet because he didn't even know what toilets were for.
  • At some point, he gets back to the past through the portal again, but with some other kids or people he met in the future.
  • In the past era, they fight some gang or something. I specifically remember a bad dude that gets a huge bump in the forehead after being hit with a hammer in the head.. the bump looked like a fried
    egg. In that scene, there was one of those cloth dolls that you put your hand in it to make it move.

Does anybody recognize it?

I just want to hug (your FACE)!

Ha. I swear I read that and thought you were referring to that Michael Shannon movie, The Iceman and was like whaaaaaaaaat?

I just want to hug (your FACE)!
Reeves, Cruise, and Shannon. The Three Japanese Samuraisketeers.
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Thanks for the replies! Found the movie thanks to a Reddit user... for anybody interested, it's Kung Fu Kids IV (1987)!

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