Ru Paul's Drag Race


Survivor 5s #2 Bitch
I still can't quite get over Alaska's Baby JJ. That was just... AGSDHASHDJGA!!! AND HER SNATCH GAME.

Roxxxy's legs, though. WOW. And can we talk about how hot Katya is?
Alaska's Mae West is up there with the best impressions on the show. If I had to rank them, it would probably look something like

1. Kennedy Davenport as Lil Richard (don't fight me on this, I needed Tena Lady's by the time it was over)
2. Alaska as Mae West
3. Pearl as Big Ang
4. Jinkx Monsoon as Lil Edie
5. Tatianna as Britney

Also, even though season 7 was a mess the snatch game was far and away the best one along with AS2. It's such a shame since the S7 cast was amazing too.

Just finished episode 4 of sseason 3, and at first I wasn't feeling Trixie, but she mentioned feeling like she was at Camp Crystal Lake and that Jason Voorhees was standing outside with a machete.


And then in the same episode, Shangela makes Game of Thrones comparisons about Trixie "Is she Jon Snow, or Cersei Lannister?"

I should be cleaning, not watching All Stars...

Edit: I was Team Shangela so I'm shocked she didn't win.
You're an enigma, cat_sidhe.