What are you listening to while you're MoFoin' it?


"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

Played this song about fifty times the last day or two trying to envision a couplet of scenes to go with it. Let's hope I get a chance to produce it some day.

~ I am tired of ze same old faces! Ze same old things!
Xbox Live: Proximiteh

Sorry Harmonica.......I got to stay here.
I saw this performance of VV Brown on Later with Jools Holland and thought she gave a great couple of performances. First song gave me an earwig. Her band is so good.

Under-the-radar Movie Awesomeness.

The People's Republic of Clogher

Certain songs give me goosebumps, right out of the blue - Specifically when old Gene (who looks like he badly needs the toilet, here) comes in at 1:22 and 4:01.
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Give me all of your candy!

Great song off of the Super soundtrack, especially perfect for the scene it plays in. Pretty catchy hook.

^That tune makes me think of "Girl From Ipanema," which I now have stuck in my head.

Currently playing:

I'm obsessed with this song at the moment and I don't even know why.

The People's Republic of Clogher
^ Can't watch it in the U.S.
It's The Specials' Gangsters.

I've had a cup of tea with Terry Hall, y'know. Nicest bloke in the world ... and nextdoor neighbour to a girl I went to college with, hence the cuppa.

Aaaanyway, the clock radio woke me up to this -

One of Van's greatest, I think.