I've been a cinephile for 10 years


Traditionally, there is somewhat of a difference in how a television show is made, shot, written, edited, plotted that can be different from a movie.

But there are lots of movies that were made for television, or serialized, that are virtually identical to what gets released in theaters. And in these cases, I think it is weird to define what something is by the medium it is watched on. It's almost a complete irrelevance.

Scenes from a Marriage is a movie

World on a Wire is a movie

Lonesome Dove is a movie

Salem's Lot is a movie

Killdozer is a (very bad) movie

Calling these television, while maybe technically correct, also ignores what a movie actually is. What it looks and sounds and feels like. Which to me is considerably more important than whether or not it was also made to be broadcast on television

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I've been a cinephile for way too long and I've seen way too many movies.

Time to stop watching movies and get out, experience the world, and... Just kidding.

I'm starting another film. Bye.
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