Adding Gif Avatar?


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How can I add a gif type of avatar?

I see half of these are in the forum but I couldn't find the way.
I found one in but when I save it on my hdd and then upload it here, it shows only a static image.

So, what's the trick?
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It's likely size: either dimensions, or file size. If it's above the limitations in any of those three ways (height, width, file size), it'll just smush it down into a static image.

If you link to it here I can let you know which thing it's getting tripped up on (and if it's not way too massive I can just upload it on the backend to circumvent whichever thing it's barely tripping). I believe they're listed next to the upload form, as well.

Thanks for the info. I've edited the size and it works now, I think.
It works.
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Thanks, I will try it.