Female Spy/Fem Fatale early 2000s


My brother and niece were talking, this Thanksgiving, about a movie they saw 8-15 years ago. It had a female spy/assassin/fem fatale who wore a short skirt and stilettoes while killing the bad guys.

They described it as a B movie with no known stars in it. There was a friendly male spy also along with other male subordinates.

There was one scene where the woman pointed to the man and then put her palm up to her forehead with her fingers pointing up. They then both nodded their heads like that conveyed some message that they agreed with.

It's not The Avengers or Atomic Blonde. My search skill haven't been able to pinpoint this cinematic treasure.

I can't promise quick responses to your suggestions, so bear with me.

Here's another film with a female character doing spy stuff. I've not seen this movie (it's from the mid 90's not early 2000s) but I think it qualifies as a 'B' movie and, therefore, was worth a mention.

'Spitfire' (1995)