Single White Female (1992) review

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Im a sucker when it comes to 90s thrillers, especially with female sexy leads such as jennifer jason leigh , i found that bridget fonda was kinda in her action thriller point of no return, which is an equally decent actioneer of the 90s.
The premise here is easy although intriguing thanks to a very good direction from barbet shroeder who is a rather unknown when it comes to thrillers.
The music score is really good in this one and gives u that lonely apartment in a building being stalked by someone, when it comes to atmosphere this is one of best 90s thrillers when it comes to that aspect.
The acting is good most of the part and the leads do a decent job portraying the jealousy here of two women hanging on btw being straight and another one going towards the darker side of lesbian.
I have to say i enjoyed this one and they simply don t make these movies like they used to.
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seems no body likes this or appreciates it, it s one of those moody and atmospheric thrillers that really captures that city feeling along with people who are mentally ill, great thriller

It's been awhile since I've seen this one...pretty creepy movie with the accustomed splendid performance by Jennifer Jason Leigh, and coming across this thread makes me want to re-watch it, especially since I've never written a review on it.

I remember kind of liking it but was disappointed in the the third act.

WARNING: "SPOILER" spoilers below
I remember feeling that the main character kind of turns into a bit of an idiot at the end, because she had two chances to grab the gun if I remember, but she chooses to run both times, thereby leaving the villain to grab the gun and just chase after her and try to shoot her. It irks me sometimes in movies when the main character has chances to grab the gun but they do not take them.