Clint Eastwood the director, appreciation thread


"The Internal Bleeding Dance." - Violet
PM me when Variety notices their error and wants to hire me.
They said no. You didn't impress with your use of Wikipedia as a source.
"I may be rancid butter, but I'm on your side of the bread."
E. K. Hornbeck

Wow, ok ... you reeeeeealllly like him ... got it !

I do too !

Gran Torino
Mystic River
Millon Dollar Baby
American Sniper was good, if a bit overrated
Space Cowboys was entertaining, if not spectacular

Happy 90th birthday Clint Eastwood.
How about that? What a fascinating career he's had. He has given us such enjoyable entertainment. AND, he's not done yet!..

i personally like :
The bridges of madison county