Have a great day, mark f!


@mark f

Thank you for posting anniversaries and birthdays! You have a great day today!

Happy birthday anniversary international dot day make a hat day butterscotch cinnamon pie day mark!
Darn it! Now, I want a butterscotch cinnamon pie!

Thanks Mark for all that you do!

Can't remember the title? Send Mark a brief synopsis. Guaranteed he's seen it several times!

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Did you know that Blue Harvest was the fake working title to hide the 1982 production of Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.

Thank you, Mark!

When I was posting the R.I.P. Godard thread, I felt like I have to post it within seconds or else Mark will post it before me. I got that one, but for the endless stream of R.I.P., Happy Birthday, and Happy Anniversary threads: THANK YOU!

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