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The Hood - Brian K. Vaughn.

I wasn't expecting much from Marvel's Max titles (*cough Vertigoknockoff cough*), but I was surprised as hell by The Hood, the first Max comic I've read. Lots of action and an intense storyline that manages to be affecting as well as witty. And for Marvelites, the writer utilizes various Marvel characters and continuity, an integration that builds the tension and humor, rather than detracting from the story itself.

A damn good time, and highly recommended.
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Originally Posted by Mary Loquacious
I wasn't expecting much from Marvel's Max titles (*cough Vertigoknockoff cough*),
Yeah, Marvel's MAX comics are pretty lame, mostly. Alias was probably the best one, but it's getting canned, and re-written as a regular Marvel title, totally ruining why it stood out to begin with... On a side note, the only other MAX title I really dug was Steve Gerber's 5 issue Howard the Duck Miniseries. Was it as funny or as mind warping as the original 1970's masterpiece/Train-Wreck? No, but it was a fun desecration of a unfairly reviled character. (The HTD comic from the 1970's was NOTHING like the 80's movie version. It was clever and subversive, which the movie did away with...)
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i'm pretty out of the loop as far as the big two go. the last time i actually bought or picked up a normal marvel or dc product was probably the 'age of apocalypse' retcon series, several years ago. i dont know anything about the "marvel MAX" line?

but is vertigo any good anyhow? i was under the impression that other than republishing a few old greats, like alan moore's classic 'v for vendetta' [one of my very favorite moore comics, right up there with watchmen and halo jones in my book], that it was for the most part just sandman and stuff trying to be like sandman?

AHA! I'm bringing back the Comix tab... even if I'm the only one who's going to post in it.

Last weekend I went into the city and bought a ton of comics, comix and graphic novels at Jim Hanley's Universe (the one near Penn Station). Actually, mostly just graphic novels.

I bought and immediately read Gary Panter's Cola Madness. I can't get enough of this guy, his stuff is a religious riot (by religious I mean the trancendental religion devoted to worshiping Jack Kirby).

I also got the latest issue of The Comics Journal, for Bill Randal's column and for the big, big Eddie Campbell interview (which I have to admit was a little disappointing).

The other one I read was el Borbah, by Charles Burns. This one was also a little bit disappointing, but then, it's pretty old and I like how Burns has matured as a storyteller since doing this series in the early 80's. The artwork's great. Superficially this is a hard boiled crime fiction, but the story and dialog are so very farcical that more than anything, one can say this is about disgorging and assimilating a vast array kitchy iconography from 50s/60s/70s subculture. The title character himself is a wisecrackin' detective who talks like Mickey Spillane and rastles like el Santo.

Edit: El Borbah:

I'm not old, you're just 12.
Oh, I'll post. I love comix!

So anyways, lost my favourite comic book store recently, so I am reading pretty much whatever i can find, which is mostly mainstream stuff. Re-Reading Watchmen again, and Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch's comic the Ultimates is pretty damn good, so is Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's new Superman series. A really weird, retro take on him, to be sure, but it's a lot of fun so far. Also Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men book. very cool.

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Just finished Powers Forever, which was fantastic. Really digging the powers stuff that I have gotten my hands on, and, it appears there is a lot more to be had...

I also broke out my Ronin originals the other day, and will read that soon...
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Identity Crisis - Great series until the lame ending.

Army of Darkness - This comic book is full of great art, blood and hilarious one liners. Usually 4 different covers to choose from for each issue. Great read for fans.
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Suspect's Reviews

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Originally Posted by linespalsy
Just read Heavy Liquid. This is the first that I've read by Paul Pope but I'm excited to read more.
If you can find it, read the One Trick Rip Off by Paul Pope next. It's my favourite of his books.

I'll see if I can get that at Hanley's in a couple weeks. Heavy Liquid is a lot of fun. Pope's art kind of reminds me of a more pulpy, processed-looking Iou Kuroda, you should definitely check out the Viz edition of his series Sexy Voice and Robo. It's easilly the best manga that's been brought over in the last couple years.

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Infinite Crisis #4 - Geoff Johns is the best writer in comics today.-
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I'm reading The Invisibles right now. Recommend something.

Hey Garrett, how come we never see you around here anymore? And how is the invisibles? Personally I say stay clear of Brian Michael Bendis until you've read some other stuff, he's strictly nonessetial. Try Black Hole, by Charles Burns, or if you're in the mood for good manga, go pick up Sexy Voice and Robo, by Iou Kuroda or Blue - Kiriko Nananan:

I just started Osamu Tezuka's Buddha and Bacchus, by Eddie Campbell.

Originally Posted by linespalsy
Try Black Hole, by Charles Burns.
Has anyone else read this? I'm not sure how to describe it without it just sounding like a really over the top horror story along the lines of Cronenberg or Lynch, which it isn't at all. I guess you'll all just have to take my word for it when I say what a great comic this is.

I try to stop in every once in a while to read latest posts of my favorite users. To be honest, there isn't any one particular reason why I don't come around more often. I'm really not around the computer as much as I used to be.

The Invisibles is an old favorite, and I pick it up now and again when I've hit a dry spot for reading material.

Read the first five volumes of the collected Bacchus (volume four was a bitch to find, and easilly the worst of the volumes so far), currently going through volume 6 and 100% by Paul Pope. Not too long ago read Heartbreak Soup (short stories) by Gilbert Hernandez, Skin Deep by C. Burns, and a couple of Clowes graphic novels: Ghost World and David Boring. On new comics I read Issue 1, Batman Year 100 by Paul Pope, issue 2 is hard to get. Reread some chapters from volume 1 of Battle Angel which I am considering getting rid of from my collection (long ago ran out of space on my book shelves and am now trying to thin the herd of books, graphic novels and cds that I don't want).

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Re-Reading all of Peter Bagge's "Hate" comics, that's probably my favourite comic ever. I have to say that Peter Bagge was at one point the gutsiest artist in the underground scene of the 1990's, there are moments in Hate that escape the humour genre altogether and will just shock the hell out of you. I haven't enjoyed any of his newer material since Hate ended though.

The current run of Daredevil by Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark is fantastic. Very psychotic. Matt Murdock, who is also Daredevil, is put in prison, and his law partner is murdered during a visit, so he goes apesh*t and plots to violently take down all the prison gangs who were involved. Plus, the Punisher purposefully gets himself arrested to get into the same cell block. Daredevil hasn't been this good since Frank Miller wrote it.

Oh, and the current Superman comics are fun, very loopy. Lex Luthor is stock piling Kryptonite under the city to keep Superman powerless, and for another goal we don't know yet. It's light and fun, like Superman comics should be.

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Finished Preacher Volume 1

Astonishing X-Men Volume II
was pretty damn good, if a little nonsensical...

Reading V for Vendetta again...

Originally Posted by Monkeypunch
Re-Reading all of Peter Bagge's "Hate" comics, that's probably my favourite comic ever. I have to say that Peter Bagge was at one point the gutsiest artist in the underground scene of the 1990's, there are moments in Hate that escape the humour genre altogether and will just shock the hell out of you. I haven't enjoyed any of his newer material since Hate ended though.
The Reason strips and Apocalypse Nerd don't come close to the humor and meanness of Hate, but I still enjoy em. I question whether it's a fair comparrison though, since much of his more recent work is shorter and basically a political editorial or reportage in comic strip form, so they're bound to be a lot less fun than the Hate stuff almost by definition.

That said, I still get a lot of enjoyment from these more recent comics, even though I don't subscribe to Bagge's libertarian arguments, and they're far, far supperior to the strain of "bash greedy, war-mongering republicans"/"bash flip-floppin, naiive democrats" cliches that dominate political cartoons. I particularly liked the pieces he did on "the Infommercial Award Show" and his profile of Alan Keyes in the first Hate Annual(2000). And Marvel's cancellation of his "Incorrigible Hulk" story is a crime.