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Sven Nykvist - born 100 years ago today (cinematography chat)


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Sven Nykvist - legendary Swedish cinematographer, was born on this day 100 years ago - (3 December, 1922).

For me he is arguably the best cinematographer of all time. But who else deserves to be spoken about in the same conversation?

Storaro? Cardiff? Wexler? Muller? Deakins? Almendros? Urusevskiy?

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Peter Suschitzky. Cinematographer for a lot of Cronenberg's work, from Dead Ringers up to Maps To The Stars. I'm not sure why he didn't return for Crimes Of The Future, but he's helped give his films that iconic, distinct look that really makes you feel like you're being transported into another world.

Christopher Doyle's work (specifically in In the Mood for Love and 2046) was the first time that I really started to "see" cinematography as an element of a movie that I could pick out and think about. Someone made a remark (which ya'll may agree or disagree with, but it definitely got me thinking) about being able to pause a movie and end up with something you could frame and put on your wall. Doyle's work in those two films was the first time I could feel a little switch flip over in my brain where I could start seeing frames and just how much care had gone into arranging the people and items and colors in those frames.