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YouTube Channels That Feature Movies


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Especially if they have subtitles... Especially if there's some great movies. "Andre Rublev" isn't a movie I like, but I know it's the favorite of a handful on here, and it's one of the first movies I saw when I came across the channel down below.

I just came across this.

There’s a couple I subscribe to (but haven’t delved into nearly enough just yet):

India / Pakistan movies:

Korean movies:

Chinese (the guy who runs this channel actually published a very good book on the subject recently):

Usually the free movies on YouTube look crappy. Either the uploader has watermarked the movie with some obnoxious icon that sticks out like a sore thumb...or they change the format ratio of old movies to wide ratio which crops the top of the frame and stretches the movie so that people look distorted...and often the video quality itself is lacking. Also if you're looking to save the video for later watching often the only available file for download is a low res 360p.

But I do have some links saved:
Free Film Heritage - YouTube
Classic Studio - YouTube
cinema screen - YouTube
PizzaFlix - YouTube
Classic Movies - YouTube
Classic Cinema - YouTube
DK Classics - YouTube
Nuclear Vault - YouTube

I found this channel, which has a good mix of new and old Czech and Slovak movies. Most of them are from the Czech New Wave. I've watched When the Cat Comes and Closely Watched Trains so far. The playback and subtitle quality are both pretty good.

Czech and Slovak Movies with English Subtitles

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Uploaded yesterday... Another very good movie. I remember not liking the sequel so much, but the third one was better than its predecessor.