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MoFo Fantasy Baseball 2022 - Signups


So, time to signup for fantasy baseball again. The season may not start on time, so maybe we draft a little later (mid-to-late-March?).

First thing's first: if you're not in this league already, there may be room for you! I should warn you that it's a competitive league, so you'll want to have played fantasy baseball before, and while it's not necessary having played Roto-style before is a big plus. If you'd like to play just reply and say so, and we'll do our best to make room. Please note that we give priority to a) returning owners and b) more active users.

If you're a returning owner, please take a moment to ensure your email address with Yahoo is correct, and if it's not, please PM me the address you're using so I can update it accordingly.

Draft Time

Please read this in full:

I'm thinking Saturday, March 12th or Sunday, March 13th (UPDATE: delayed season means we've moved to March 26th, same time though), around the usual time (1:00 PM ET/10:00 AM PT). Either works for me, but I need everyone to please reply by letting me know your availability for both dates. IE: "I can do both the 12th and 13th" or "I can do one but not the other." Also fine to say "I can do the following weekend but not that one." But whatever you say, please do not just list a preference without signaling your availability for the other options. Every year I say "someone does this every year," and every year someone does it again.

I'm sorry if this seems suddenly too serious, but running these leagues is a fair bit of work, and it's genuinely insulting when people can't be bothered to read a few paragraphs in order to play, especially when it's the same way every year. If you don't respond with both dates, you're not confirmed, and I'm probably at the point where I'm not going to make it my job to point out when people do it wrong any more.

Also please note that you must confirm your involvement even if you're a returning team. If I don't hear from you, either in this thread or via PM/profile comment/post comment/carrier pigeon/whatever, you won't be able to play. It's a simple way to hedge against inactive owners and, frankly, I think it's a fair way to give new people a chance to join the league.

Confirmed Teams

mark f
Powdered Water
Hey Fredrick
Banknotes Harper

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I can do both the 12th and 13th!

I am IN!


dude...Read the opening again, man!
"There’s absolutely no doubt you can be slightly better tomorrow than you are today." - JBP

I can do both days or even the next weekend if necessary.
We are both the source of the problem and the solution, yet we do not see ourselves in this light...

On ESPN they listed the top 100 baseball players of all time.

100. Barry Larkin
99. Phil Niekro
98. Jim Thome
97. Adrian Beltre
96. Charlie Gehringer
95. Duke Snider
94. Bryce Harper
93. John Smoltz
92. Roy Halladay
91. Ryne Sandberg
90. Ivan Rodriguez
89. Shoeless Joe Jackson
88. Willie Stargell
87. Carlton Fisk
86. Roberto Alomar
85. Jim Palmer
84. Paul Molitor
83. Roy Campanella
82. Eddie Collins
81. Mike Piazza
80. Robin Yount
79. Hank Greenberg
78. Chipper Jones
77. Vladimir Guerrero
76. Cap Anson
75. Rod Carew
74. Juan Marichal
73. Willie McCovey
72. Justin Verlander
71. Al Kaline
70. Harmon Killebrew
69. Ozzie Smith
68. Manny Ramirez
67. Brooks Robinson
66. Cal Ripken Jr.
65. Max Scherzer
64. Eddie Mathews
63. David Ortiz
62. Mel Ott
61. Carl Yastrzemski
60. Whitey Ford
59. Miguel Cabrera
58. Steve Carlton
57. Pete Alexander
56. Dave Winfield
55. Reggie Jackson
54. Lefty Grove
53. Oscar Charleston
52. Clayton Kershaw
51. Ernie Banks
50. Bob Feller
49. Frank Thomas
48. Nap Lajoie
47. Warren Spahn
46. Ichiro Suzuki
45. Wade Boggs
44. Tony Gwynn
43. George Brett
42. Nolan Ryan
41. Satchel Paige
40. Jimmie Foxx
39. Yogi Berra
38. Jackie Robinson
37. Joe Morgan
36. Tris Speaker
35. Josh Gibson
34. Pete Rose
33. Bob Gibson
32. Sandy Koufax
31. Mariano Rivera
30. Albert Pujols
29. Johnny Bench
28. Derek Jeter
27. Roberto Clemente
26. Alex Rodriguez
25. Christy Mathewson
24. Randy Johnson
23. Rickey Henderson
22. Tom Seaver
21. Cy Young
20. Rogers Hornsby
19. Frank Robinson
18. Mike Schmidt
17. Roger Clemens
16. Joe DiMaggio
15. Mike Trout
14. Greg Maddux
13. Ken Griffey Jr.
12. Honus Wagner
11. Pedro Martinez
10. Stan Musial
9. Walter Johnson
8. Barry Bonds
7. Mickey Mantle
6. Lou Gehrig
5. Ted Williams
4. Ty Cobb
3. Hank Aaron
2. Willie Mays
1. Babe Ruth

So everyone should target Miggy and Pujols early. Earlier the better

I can do both the 12th and 13th!

I am IN!

Reasons stated here..

dude...Read the opening again, man!
Great if you have any space left I am in othervise no worries. I believe POS sistem will help for quicker registrations.

The trick is not minding
Latest news isn’t very promising, according to ESPN. There’s still hope that they can reach an agreement before the start of the season, however.
Link provided

So the Ducks are the only confirmed team? @Yoda
No, but I’ve been out of town and now I’m trying to figure out if we can or should even draft at the original time.

Sorry, still playing catch-up on a lot of things this week.