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Game of Thrones: Season 4


I am the Watcher in the Night
I don't like the whole suicide/accident angle, having...erm....the book stuff I guess I'll call it, allows for a more convincing story and something for the Lord's to ponder. The Lords would now be completely suspicious and what's stopping them from taking Baelish down?
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Well this is neat. Someone compiled all the Tywin Lannister (Charles Dance) scenes in Game Of Thrones from seasons 1-3.

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I don't like the whole suicide/accident angle, having...erm....the book stuff I guess I'll call it, allows for a more convincing story and something for the Lord's to ponder. The Lords would now be completely suspicious and what's stopping them from taking Baelish down?
Three impassable gates with steep climbs/narrow bridges in between? *Shrugs*

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Scouting locations in Spain for season five, almost certainly Dorne.

Unless they absolutely nail the casting, next season's gonna be tough on the show-only people with all the new characters/settings. Dornish/Iron Islanders/Quentyn's group/JonCon's group. People are already grumbling about all the subplots they don't care about.

I think it's mostly established that they'll be doing books 4 and 5 simultaneously, to avoid what you're talking about. That presents its own problems, but I'd be shocked if they did an entire season away from all the most popular characters. Forget audience, that's just really tricky from an actor/contractual standpoint. And it's a limitation that was borne out of the writing process, not something they really need to do for story purposes. I think we'll see the events roughly side-by-side.

A system of cells interlinked
They already moved Theon's story up from book 5, and I would presume that is due to the contractual reasons Chris mentions. George martin wrote himself into a corner in 2004, and was forced to break up the flow across two books - that just won't matter here, as all the content in those books is now written, and they aren't worrying about book size and all the rest.

In the Beginning...
I really hope they don't skimp on the Iron Islands and Dorne stuff from A Feast for Crows. I know that's the least liked book for most people, but there's some really great stuff in there. Once I got into it, I found those characters and subplots to be just as interesting as any other.

WARNING: "Book 4 and 5" spoilers below
Specifically, I hope they don't cut out the Asha/Victarion/Euron stuff. Two of those are POV characters, and Euron (who isn't) might be one of the most captivating fringe characters in the books. There's no telling what's coming out of that guy's hat.

Similarly, I really enjoyed the dynamic in Dorne, and I hope they don't slice away too much of that. We probably don't need so many sand snakes, but Doran Martell and Arianne (another POV character) are very important, particularly as it relates to the current Targaryens (Daenerys and Aegon).

I think there's a decent chance the Iron Islands are going to be heavily, heavily cut. They feel like they can be most easily excised in terms of plot progression. The Dorne stuff, less so.

That's my guess, at least.

I'm really hyped for Dorne and Iron Island plots, some of that stuff is going to be great on screen. Preferred those chapters to the dragging bits like 'where do whores go' and Mereen, which can easily be trimmed

Book readers, how do you think episode 9 will go?
WARNING: "ep 9" spoilers below
I think we all know it will be at The Wall but will it show the whole battle or just half of it? They've only really built up Ygritte's crew and their attack - Wildings from the North with Mance who hasn't been around since Season 2 isn't feeling as momentous as it should be which is going to weaken Stannis's saving them and showing his character in a heroic light for a change.

Hmm, this show is now beginning to really show its cracks. Characters have so little breathing room, because all those plots have to be developed and keep moving forward. As a result, you come to care very little for the characters, save maybe a couple of them and those are the ones who are best developed. The rest: I couldn't care less. Theon, the Iron Islanders, Sam, Brienne, Varys, even ******* Stannis: just be done with them. Slim down the plot a little, give the remaining characters more room to develop and the show will be better for it.

If it keeps going like this after season 4, I might call it quits at the end of S5.

Im about 18 minutes into tonights episode, and if Im not wrong I think they'vs been establishing this Ramsay Snow fellow as a bad guy. Oh my gosh and I thought the urge for Joffreys demise was strong. Maybe I hate Ramsay Snow more than Joffrey because he's an adult, Idk. But he's gotsta go!

Finished here. It's been fun.
My head nearly exploded during the final scene.

Just finished it.


WARNING: "June 1st episode" spoilers below

Tyrions beetle story was magnificent. People went on about the tirade rant he gave the court during his trial, but for some reason his beetle story about "Orson" I think was his name just had more renosance for some reason. The look he gave at the end when he asked Jaime what it was all about was perfect. After that scene any doubts I had of Dinklage as an actor were permanently dismissed.

Well hell you think since they both died they'd just call it a tie right! Yeah I saw some stupidassed meme that spoiled the Oberyn/Mountain fight for me. At any rate it was entertaining, but Im assuming the Mountain dies too, probably not. I hope Jaime springs Tyrion out.

Sansa Stark! Naughty It makes good sense shes taken this turn. From such a young age shes been in fear and controlled by the most evil lunatic. She knows Littlegfinger adores her, and knows he's powerful. Hell it could be as simple the fact he kiled Joffrey. Why not?!

The Hounds face was priceless. I hope he doesnt die the Kal Drogo death, and eventually fights the Mountain. Im thinking now the Mountain survived the Oberyn fight. Gah! The bad guys win too much in this series!!

Being he and Arya are at the Vale, are the two Stark sisters going to meet?! Theyve kept all of them seperate for so long its like a rip in the universe whenever they get near each other.

Glad Mormont lived, was anticlimactic, but Ser Jorah...

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This episode was fantastic!
I was kinda sad,then very happy,then I don't know what happened and I was sad again in the end.That last scene...So sad,he wanted to do a good thing...It was so brutal,I personally didn't see it coming.Can something bad finally happen to important Lannister,I mean die already...
Everyone want to rule the North but none of them should...North belongs only to one house.Arya's laugh xDDD,I think she was laughing at Hound,he really cant get his money + she once more got so close but at the same time she is so far...I think she wont see Sansa because they don't have reason to stay.Sansa is getting better and better with every episode,I didn't love her character before but in this season I changed my opinion,that scene in black dress was wonderful.As I said before,I want to see Stark's get back to the North and kill some people,that maybe won't happen but yea... That beetle story was amazing,really really amazing.
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In the Beginning...
The result of the Oberyn/Mountain fight was a little unclear.

WARNING: "Oberyn/Mountain book stuff" spoilers below
It appeared as though the Mountain rolled over and died too, as the actor was completely motionless. This isn't exactly how it goes in the book. Suffice it to say, he's not dead, but he's going to be in a fair bit of agony. The spear was poison-tipped (which they also didn't really show last night).

Of course, they could just take the path of least resistance and suggest that he died. But it seems that would complicate the ruling on Tyrion, no? That's why I thought it was important to show more clearly that the Mountain technically survives the fight.