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Kind of, but like in any story first parts are not there just to understand the events at the second ones; they are there to put a right emphasis or mood that is followed later. Seeing how Madoka is a linear story split in two parts I'd say that you need to watch both, if not to understand, at least to extract what this story tries to be.
Watching the second movie without watching the first one is to be completely clueless.

This is true, though.
Constant insistence about a topic in which you are a complete ignorant is a sign of well...

And anyway, what's the fuss with this Madoka thing? I don't see anybody complain about the absurdly low position of It's such a beautiful day... now, that is a mess.
I didn't like it very much though. I found it rather forced, trying to hard to appear to high brown and in the end it feels more like something that is too self conscious of itself. I also didn't like the extremely crude art.

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