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If you have ever seen the player, you would have heard some of the ideas that were pitched for movies. Buck Henry pitches a sequel to "The Graduate" that involves Mrs Robinson moving into Ben and Elaine's home after her husband dies. Those itching the story always ending up saying things like their movie would be like "The God's Must be Crazy" meets "Educating Rita" or some such nonsense. i thought it would be fun to pitch a sequel, prequel, or satire.You can be serious if you would like to, but it would be great to hear some of the wall pitches as well.

An example of a more serious pitch would be for "Inception". Ariadne (Ellen Page's character) is approached by Miles (Michael Caine's character) to assist Cobb, Eames, and Arthur, and a new chemist to infiltrate and thwart a terrorists group who have plans to release a deadly virus in Paris.

You can do better. Take a shot.

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Pollock 2: Back in Business

Ed Harris is back, and this time he's a walking corpse in this docu drama about a man gone before his time who happens to come back from the dead to do one last painting...but this time...he's flicking BLOOD at the canvas. His own BLOOD!

Eraserhead II: "In Heaven"
In this sequel, Henry Spencer finds out if everything in Heaven really is fine. If David Lynch is at all predictable, then the answer is "not quite!"

Dead Like Me

Network: Showtime
Episodes: 29 (hour)
Seasons: Two
TV show dates: June 27, 2003 — October 31, 2004
Series status: Cancelled/ended
Performers include: Ellen Muth, Callum Blue, Jasmine Guy, Mandy Patinkin, Cynthia Stevenson, Britt, McKillip, Christine Willes, Laura Harris, Crystal Dahl, Greg Kean, Patricia Idlette, Talia Ranger, Laura Boddington, Rebecca Gayheart, Meghan Black, Patti Allan, Teryl Rothery, Spencer Achymichuk, Deanne Henry, Eric McCormack, Brett Kelly, and Julia Arkos.
TV show description:
Created by Bryan Fuller, this “dramedy” focuses on grim reapers that live and work in Seattle, Washington. It also follows the lives and grief of the newest reaper.
Georgia “George” Lass (Ellen Muth) shies away from everything in her life, including her family. She drops out of college and takes a temp job. On her first day on the job, she is hit and killed by a toilet seat. After she dies, she learns that she will become a reaper, with the responsibility of grabbing the souls of people who die in accidents.
George’s mother, Joy (Cynthia Stevenson), is depressed after her daughter’s death. She likes order, rules and control. George’s sister, Reggie (Britt McKillip), acts out, steals toilet seats, and undergoes therapy. She believes George’s ghost still comes home to visit them. Clancy (Greg Kean) is George’s father; an English Professor at the University of Washington. After his daughter’s death, his marriage deteriorates, and he begins an affair with one of his students.
The head of the reapers is Rube Sofer (Mandy Patinkin). He’s responsible for giving assignments to the Reapers which is done via post-it notes. He refers to George as “Peanut” and becomes a father figure to her, as she seems to remind him of his own daughter. Though the manner in which Rube died isn’t known, but his picture has been seen on an old Wanted poster.
The other Reapers include Mason (Callum Blue), Roxy Harvey (Jasmine Guy), Betty Rohmer (Rebecca Gayheart), and Daisy Adair (Laura Harris).
Mason is of British descent, and is a drug addict, alcoholic, and thief. He is a big brother figure to George and is attracted to Daisy. He died by drilling a hole in his head to get high.
Roxy is an independent woman and the second oldest Reaper. She invented leg warmers and was then strangled to death with them by a jealous roommate.
Betty keeps organized Polaroids of her reaped souls and died while cliff diving.
Daisy is a spoiled actress who talks of her sexual escapades. She died of asphyxiation/smoke inhalation and once claimed it was while filming Gone With the Wind.

Dead Like Me (The movie). The actual movie was pretty bad, so assume it never happened and we pick up at the end of the television series. I'm assuming they would still not be able to use Mandy Patinkin to play Rube.

Dead like me is about a small group of "reapers" whose task is to help people to their final destination after death. Each reaper has an unspecified quota of souls to collect before they can retire (so to speak).

In the beginning of my story Rube has met his quota and Roxy (a traffic cop with serious attitude) is promoted to lead the reapers. Roxy has a hard time handling George, Mason and Daisy because they are all difficult in their own way. They each collect a few souls before they are given their major assignment. They have to collect the soul of a state senator before he is assassinated at a political rally. Roxy comes up with a strong arm plan that cannot succeed against the government security. Mason and George save the day by drugging the senator's security detail with some of Mason's drugs (whatever the drug of the week is) Daisy causes a distraction by creating a scene claiming that she has had the Senator's love child. George and Roxy get close enough to collect the senator's soul before he is shot. .

Blade Runner the Final, Final Cut

Press Release

Ridley Scott is at it again! This time he'sedited out even more scenes from the original Blade Runner, while adding in yet another of his infamous 'missing scenes'. The new creme puff dream sequence reveals what savvy Blade Runner buffs have known along, that Deckard (Harrison Ford), is a transgender female replicate. Meanwhile Leon was never actually killed and so comes back for Ridley's next film. Blade Runner: Leon's Revenge.

Thank God I‘m an atheist.
Johnny Wick: the early years
Because of a horrible snafu, John Wick is refused shop and is forced into a take maternity class and walk around school with a real care baby.

Devil's Advocate: The Early Years

Young Alice meets charismatic law-student John as she is swept up in a seduction she can't resist. She finds John to be as equally repulsive as he is completely irresistible.
Although pregnant with John's baby after a brief affair, Alice can't shake the feeling that there was something different about her baby's father.
Eventually, she finds a father figure for her baby Kevin as she marries and becomes Mrs. Alice Lomax, but John's influence still seems to linger as his presence and force of his personality keeps showing up in their lives in odd ways... and as she begins to notice that Kevin may be as different and possibly as powerful as his mysterious father.