Searching for an AI movie.


It may be a spoiler for those also interested so only read the response if this is ok with you...

The movie is about an inventor who invites a person to see if he can detect that his "creation" is human enough to pass the Turing Test. No, this is not Ex Machina. In the end (spoiler so do not read the replies to this inquiry if you don't want to know the twist) the Inventor is the actual robot and the test subject, who was initially presented as the robot, was the human/inventor.

Anyone know this movie?


Interested to see what pops up. I can't even get close and Google just shows Ex Machina and The Imitation Game, neither of which seem right. There's a short called The Turing Test, which seems further off.

The Force is Favreau
Tyrell invites Deckard to test Rachael.

Sorry, I am sure this is not your card.

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Defo sounds like Blade Runner but the inventor was human.
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