Shows you are still waiting for on DVD


I watched all 11 seasons of Happy Days recently. I'd seen the first 6 seasons before and those are on DVD but I was really surprised that I'd never even seen seasons 7-11, so watching those were like watching a new show!

The show was never the same after Ron Howard left...he was the heart of that show.

There's an episode of Ghost Stories for Christmas with Christopher LeeThe Ash Tree — which I don't think is available on DVD yet. It'd be nice to see it in good quality. The other three episodes are amongst the extras on the BBC's tie-in box set.

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I recently found an old VHS tape with some episodes of "Ben Casey" on it. (Yes, I still have a working VCR. )

I don't know if anyone around here remembers "Ben Casey", but I forgot how much I loved that show and I wish they would release it on DVD.
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