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What anime are you currently watching?


Currently watching,
Nodame Cantabile: Paris-hen

Could be i wear out from this or i take too long time for continue the sequel affect mine. The joke feel silly now and there this "foreigners act and behave in such japanese way" that -unusually-bothered me along. 3 episode so far and the execution is crappy as hell.

hey @Zotis and @Guaporense

Has either of you seen Midori? Pretty intense for an anime ... well maybe not.

I've seen it. I thought it was interesting for a short low-budget horror OVA, it was neat.

I though it was ok. There is nothing very substantial about it though it's art style is a bit different.

I am currently watching:

Pretty disturbing drama show.

Reminds me of bakuon. Also a show about masculine interests that uses female avatars as their means of expression.

Mainly about teenager love expressed as teasing. My favorite character is the blond one though as she is moe as hell.

This one is special. It's like the Evangelion of this generation.

Very interesting science fiction. A genre that has recently not been explored in anime as much as they usually did.

The "looks like a kids show with erotic characters acting cutesy" style. Basically a moe product that includes some interesting world building but terrible CGI.

I really need to finish Legend of the Galactic Heroes. I watched like 25 episodes. It's really good, but can get slow at times.

Im on eps 3 currently and i felt kinda underwhelming tbh. Animation-wise it's a top notch, typical free fluid thing u:ll expect from yuaasa's and the music quiet lit, but so far im not so impressed with story and chara

have a really slow pace watching MSG

Im quiet reluctant to start any of new (or original)series right now, tried few of the latedt before and feel just not work so just drop them.

Shingeki no kyojin Season 3

Seems its will be much focus in the human side/intrigue with Some more big revelation.

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Currently I'm watching "One Piece" Anime series! Also I have filler list to skip the unwanted episodes from it.