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Midnight Diner


I neglected to add commentary...

Midnight Diner (then Midnight Diner 2, followed by Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories) is a 5 season series of whimsical 25-minute drama vignettes, often laced with comedy.

It stars Japan's award winning actor Kaoru Kobayashi, who plays the owner chef of a small 12 seat diner and bar in Tokyo's vibrant 24/7 Shinjuku district. The diner is open from midnight to 7 A.M., and attracts a wide sampling of the city's inhabitants.

The chef is known only as "Master", who serves as a confidant and sometimes advice giver to varying customers. He is a man of few words, and very patient, exuding a quiet strength.

But it is the customers who provide stories for the episodes. There are a few regulars who provide drama, comedy and whimsy-- always with charm. It's an attractive series, one that compels the viewer to return for more.

In Japanese with English subtitles. Watchable on Netflix and various streaming sources.