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A Million Little Things


Ep 5 had its was a little convenient the way Maggie was able to keep her radio job, but I was surprised that they have her hooking up with this athlete guy, I was looking forward to a slow burn relationship with Mark Derwin's character. I'm glad Peter finally suffered some real consequences for what he did to Sophie...I was cheering when his wife walked out on him. BTW, I LOVED the way they filmed the way Gary and Christopher each confessed what they did...with Christopher's audio playing over the video of Gary confessing to Sophie. I guess I understand Sophie's anger, but Gary's heart was in the right place. He did a very wrong thing for the right reason. Shanese has got Katherine's head all messed up and even though I think she might be feeling something for Shanese, Katherine's still going to fight it with very fiber of her being. That was very sweet what Eddie did...he's a much better person than I. And I wonder why they felt Gina had to be out of town while Rome gets into trouble with Paragon Plus?

If I remember correctly, Sophie had her podcast taken down, and now that Peter's wife walked out, it looks like Peter probably won't tell the police about Gary and Christopher. But it looks like the police already know who did it, and they're just trying to prove it, so Gary and Christopher might still be in a lot of trouble.

I'm glad that people will get to see Rome's movie, but I find it hard to believe that they won't find out about it. Hopefully it will get enough praise before that happens, and Rome will somehow get a win out of this whole mess.

I kind of like this new guy that Maggie was flirting with. I'm looking forward to seeing where this is going for them.
If I answer a game thread correctly, just skip my turn and continue with the game.

I am not happy that ep 6 had another six month time jump. I'm pretty sure I know why they did it and IMO that's just lazy writing. I think it was done to save Gary from his legal issues with peter. Yes, Peter agreed not to say anything about what happened, but that shouldn't have halted the police investigation into what happened and realistically, Gary or Christopher would have been caught and Gary should have been up to his neck in legal issues, but the writers have just decided to gloss over it. Yes, Peter's wife waked out on him, but Gary shouldn't just walk away from he did. The last time they jumped six months was so we wouldn't have to watch Eddie leave the hospital and learn how to live in a wheelchair, which could have made for some compelling drama, but they decided to gloss over that too. When writers jump ahead six months to backtrack one storyline, it has funny effects on other storylines took six months for Paragon Plus to figure out what Rome was doing? Maggie's radio show is now so hot she has a stalker? I also don't believe Camden, the guy is definitely hiding something. Gina's been on the same movie set for six months and Darcy is at least five months pregnant? Seriously? We're just supposed go with all of this? Nice to see Mario Van Peebles as Gina's dad. Never thought I'd see him playing someone's dad. The years have been very kind to him.

Ep 7 was pretty solid...I thought Eddie's meet cute with Anna was a little contrived at first because when the camera first hit her, I had forgotten who Anna was. I'm glad Anna and Sophie had a chance to talk and I also liked that Eddie knew that starting a relationship with Anna would be awkward for Sophie. I loved when Gary finished putting the lock on Maggie's door and just as he was leaving, she asked him to stay, it was a throwaway moment but it really resonated with me. I am also LOVING this whole Katherine exploring her sexuality story and I really like that none of the women she's encountered up to this point have been putting real pressure on her. I'm glad Gina made up with her dad and went back home to be with her husband, who really needs her right now. Now that we've met both of Gina's parents, a lot of insight into Gina has been provided.