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Cowboy Bebop Live-Action Series


"Honor is not in the Weapon. It is in the Man"
Instead of a live-action movie that was to have starred Keanu Reeves as Spike Spiegel, the manga/anime Cowboy Bebop will be a live-action series for Netflix and casting was announced today.

John Cho has scored the lead role of Spike Spiegel, an intergalatic bounty hunter.

Mustafa Shakir is Jet Black

Daniella Pineda as Faye Valentine

Alex Hassell is Vicious

Shinchiro Watanabe, who helmed the anime series for Sunrise, will serve as consultant on the 10-episode series.
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That elusive hide-and-seek cow is at it again
Glad on consulting, but really not sure about John Cho. He had a moment or two in ST, but I'm having a hard time seeing him hit Spike's personality without coming off goofy. Reeves came from under Bill and Ted so it's possible, but eh.
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"Honor is not in the Weapon. It is in the Man"

Original anime series director Shinchiro Watanabe served as consultant on the live-action series.

i dont think it can be as good as the original, but, still very interesting

"Honor is not in the Weapon. It is in the Man"
Showrunner Andre Nemec is letting fans know he's not going to let them down with the series:

“I promise we will never take the original anime away from the purists. It will always exist out there. But I’m very excited about the stories that we’re telling. I believe we’ve done a really nice job of not violating the canon in any direction but merely offering some extra glimpses into the world that was already created.

We got under the skin of who the live-action characters were going to be. I think that the poetic nature of the anime absolutely allowed for us to mine the archetypal nature of the characters and dig out deeper histories that we wanted to explore – and answer some of the questions that the anime leaves you with. I think to just redo the anime will leave an audience hungry for something that they already saw. The anime did an amazing job. We don’t need to serve the exact same meal. I think it would have been disappointing if we did.”

On a side note, it does help that original series director Shinichiro Watanabe serves as a consultant on the new take and Yoko Kanno returns to do the music.

That elusive hide-and-seek cow is at it again
Ok so the preview currently on Netflix looks kinda of cheesey. Like Batman Forever cheesey with a mix of 80's television cop action where action was performed by doubles with a close-up cut, in the end, to the star holding the weapon. And I'm still having a hard time seeing past John Cho with a perm to recognize Spike.

Man. I'm all over the place with this now. One day it looks like crap, then a trailer seems reasonable, followed by this preview which terrifies me!

For some reason I thought it premiered last night. Looks like I've got some time still to panic.