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Tony Scott


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May he RIP.
But I recently tried to watch man on fire and the editing was horrible. Is he trying to give me a headache or what ? That was the only thing i remember from the movie. I dont think its just this movie. He started using it again and again. It's just unbearable.

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Domino works because it has a lot of dark comedy and is over the top. So I feel the style works for that movie tone. But Man On Fire is trying to be a more serious and contempary thriller so the editing style falls completely flat for me there. Tony Scott was always hit and miss for me as he has good ones and not so good. Not all of his serious ones have that crazy of an editing style though.

Crimson Tide, True Romance, and Enemy of the State are his best IMO.

From his films, I have a positive memory of The Hunger, The Last Boy Scout, and True Romance. Man on Fire and Domino were OK, I think, and in my memory, the latter was far wilder in style. Crimson Tide I'd need to rewatch as I mostly remember just seeing it.

He's not on par with his brother, but then again, quite few are.

Yeah True Romance is by far my favourite of his films too. I thought Man on Fire was decent but I agree that the editing was over the top. Not sure that it quite warrants that level of antipathy though

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I also found the editing in Man on Fire to be annoying, but I like several of his other films, including Top Gun, True Romance, and Crimson Tide.
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Big fan of Crimson Tide (1995).
The Last Boyscout and Revenge should be on ur list, underrated flicks

Incredible filmmaker imo. Nearly flawless filmography

He's got a particular style, and it's always worth revisiting his works. He's likely the most consistent action film director in Hollywood.

1. True Romance

2. Crimson Tide

3. Taking of Pelham 123

4. Enemy of the State

5. Days of Thunder

6. Unstoppable

7. The Fan

8. Man on Fire

9. Spy Game

10. Deja Vu

The Last Boy Scout
True Romance
Top Gun
Man on Fire
Beverly Hills Cop II
Crimson Tide
Enemy of the State
Days of Thunder