Movies You Have Seen Over & Over ...


Are there movies that you have seen countless times, ad infinitum, just because you liked them so much? (You can include older films you see on TV.)

YOJIMBO - Japanese classic about a cynical samurai, who manipulates a whole town into destruction. I have seen YOJIMBO perhaps 50 times. Kurosawa's finest.

SEVEN SAMURAI - around 50 times also. A long movie, 3 hours plus uncut, but I cry at the same places every time. (One of the moments that rung most true is when the poor villagers' supply of rice is vandalized and they desperately pick the stuff off the floor, grain by grain. In Indonesia (where I work sometimes), poverty-stricken people can actually be reduced to eating wood.)

POLTERGEIST - I don't know if I'm too lazy to change the channel but every time this movie comes on, I sit on the couch and watch. Same with THE EXORCIST. 40 times maybe. Ok, maybe I fall asleep sometimes.

MASK OF ZORRO - Banderas/Hopkins version. I just love this movie. The swordplay & horse stunts (particularly the opening action scene with Hopkins doing that thing with his whip), Catherine Zeta Jones' bosoms heaving like two glorious ... um, like the boat in THE PERFECT STORM. 30 times.

Other movies I have seen more than 20 times: SONG OF BERNADETTE (my mum raised me on this movie, so it's a bit of a guilty pleasure, SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, BEN HUR, THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, THE OMEN, SPARTACUS, ALL ABOUT EVE
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Starship Troopers at least 30 times. Hollow Man at least 15 or so. Same with Army of Darkness.
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The Wedding Singer
Home Alone
Nothing To Loose
Meet the Parents

I've seen Billy Madison about 20 times. It is also my favourite movie.

con air, star wars 4-6, the princess bride are the movies i have seen the most.

Groundhog Day
Star Wars
The Shawshank Redemption
The Great Escape
Back to the Future
What About Bob?

Radioactive Spider Blood
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Back to the Future 2
The old Batman movie (Adam West, Burt Ward, et al)
Return of the Jedi

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- Raising Arizona
- The Apostle (well, a few times...but I really, really love it)
- What About Bob?
- The Man Who Knew Too Little
- Cabin Boy
- Tommy Boy
- The Princess Bride
- A few Star Trek movies

Lots more that don't come to mind just yet.

Resivour Dogs

-Princess monoke
-Waynes world 1 and 2
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-Full Metal Jacket - especially the opening scene, which I decided to learn off by heart.

-Rocky IV - I don't know why this is always the one of the telly.

-Predator, Commando, and a few other Arnies.

-Back To The Future 1, 3, 2, in that order.

-A few Bond ones (Goldeneye is always on).

-Enter the Dragon


A few others too.

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Movies I always watch

The Fog
History of the World Part 1
Hunt for Red October
The Exorcist
Mad Max
Jean de Florette (This only shows up on cable in A&E) but my friends will call me if they see it on the TV Guide or see an ad for it.) I also like its sequel but I cant remember its title right now.
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the sequel to jean de florette is manon de la source ...

movies i watch over

french and english versions of La Femme Nikita
Terminator 2
The Matrix
The Princess Bride
The Shawshank Redemption
The Color Purple

i've no idea how many times i've seen these but they're good. gosh darnit they're good. i'm sure there are others but i can't remember them right now. teehee.

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My all time record would probably be Aladdin, must be more than 100...followed closely by 101 Dalmatians, Beauty and the Beast, and Peter Pan (I was a huuge Disney fan as a kid )!!

As for real movies here are some:

-The Godfather (I've only seen the first part lots of times)
-Naked Gun 33 1/3

Can't remember any more right now, but there are probably heaps more I forgot...shows what sleep deprivation can do to you!
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Well guys,

Here are the list of movies i've seen over and over and over..........infinity.
  • Duck Soup. That mirror scene was terrific!! Just too good.
  • Full Metal Jacket. "I am Gunnery Sergeant Hartman,your Senior Drill Instructor.From now on you will speak only when told to............".The first half of this movie ROX.I only see this first half.
  • Gone With the Wind.I dont mind seeing for 4 hours again and again.
  • Night at the Opera.Another Marx Brothers gem.The Finale is a RIOT and INSANE.I love too see it.U guys ought to see it.
  • Matrix. The Bullet scene,Helicopter and the mall shootout are the ones i see all the time.

Well...i cant think of any more at the moment.

Will keep you posted.


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Aditya, can't help but notice that your over-and-over movie list reflects your top 10! I definitely like those movies, haven't seen all ov 'em 100's of times (I doubt I ever sat through Gone With The Wind...I'm usually gone with the first commercial break) !!

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Here are mine (and I know I'm forgetting a bunch). Oh, I don't think these necessarily reflect my tastes, but maybe they say more about me than I'm willing to admit!

Naked Gun movies
Airplane! movies
Steel Magnolias
Shawshank Redemption
Hunt for Red October
The Matrix
Princess Bride
Back to the Future movies
Star Wars movies
A League of Their Own
Field of Dreams
What About Bob?
Groundhog Day
You've Got Mail!
Raising Arizona
Snake Eyes

I honestly don't know how Steel Magnolias or Punchline got in there, but I always sit through them when they come on.

Go figger.

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OH, and almost any Hitchcock movie. And any Cary Grant movie (Bringing Up Baby, Arsenic and Old Lace, his Hitchcock movies...)...

Also, It's a Wonderful Life....

Geez, this could get tiresome. I'll stop now.

Pulp Fiction - easily seen it the most


Army of Darkness/ Evil Dead 2


Lock, Stock


Gimme Shelter

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Terminator at least er....70 times.. I'm not kidding