MoFo Fantasy Football 2019 - Sign-Ups!


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Here us hoping they have signal in our YURT in Redwood forest on draft day. They are supposed to, Going to work on my autodraft jic.
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I moved the time back a bit (6:00 PM ET, 3:00 PM PT) since there were no objections, to make sure all time zones can make it easily. Let me know ASAP if there's any issues.

I'll tag everyone in advance per usual. Probably Friday AND Sunday since I think some people might not check over the weekend. You'll get an email, too, so I hope you check the address associated with your team. Obviously it's always a bummer if (uh, when?) someone just forgets and autodrafts.

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I can make that!
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I guess they haven't set up the official pre-draft rankings yet, who do you all think will number one overall? I doubt it will be Gurley again because he's hurt.
I have been running mock drafts in preparation for my league. Saquon Barkley is number one for Yahoo, followed by Kamara and McCaffrey. Gurley is down as the 17th RB and 35th overall in their rankings.
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@TONGO, just go for Tony Dorsett and call it a day.
Tony Dorsett? pfft! Williams. Cadillac Williams, that is.

Between work, moving, and working my program I've literally only done one mock draft for preparation. Hell I hope I dont forget.

Well I'm pleasantly surprised with my team. Even though his healths in question being able to get Todd Gurley with the 13th pick in the first round seems like a gift.

QB Drew Brees
WR Julian Edelman
WR Brandin Cooks
RB Todd Gurley
RB Joe Mixon
TE Delanie Walker
Flex James White
K Ka'imi Fairbaim
D Baltimore

I really hated using my phone for the draft and couldn't read chat effectively. That sucked cause I like the banter.

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Vacationing like a MOFO
Well our 3 mile hike was really 10 miles today so didnt make it back on time. Gotta go see what
Yahoo did for me. Before I look I promise not to whine...

My draft was OK. Not spectacular, not a disaster. WR is my weak point.

Deshaun Watson and Russell Wilson are my QBs, Nick Chubb, Mark Ingram, Sony Michele, Josh Jacobs, and Kalen Ballage are my backs, Travis Kelce and Vance McDonald are my TEs, with Adam Thielen, Will Fuller, Sammy Watkins, Jamison Crowder, and Michael Gallup as my WRs. I have Ka'imi Fairbairn as my kicker and Minnesota as my defense.

If Fuller and Watkins stay healthy or Gallup turns out to be a phenom and they overachieve a bit this season I'll be alright. And I don't know that I am buying Cleveland as the fantasy points machine they are predicted to be, but I hope Chubb turns out to be a consistent threat and not a bum first pick for me (I had sixth position in our ten team league).

As the defending champion in my league I don't feel like I am sitting on an easy path to a bunch of victories (I am -10 in my opening week pairing), but we shall see.

Have a great season, MoFos!

*my league starts a QB, three WR, two RB, a TE, two FLEX, a K and a DEF and we have a five-spot bench

I might have done it this year, though by the time I saw the call it was too late and you were full up.

Plus your draft day wound up being a conflict for me and I would have hated to autodraft. I'd rather not play than play an autodrafted team.