India revokes Kashmir's special status


Part of the issue is that every one of these things could conceivably be some kind of response to whatever has come before, so posting about it once is essentially a license to post the same things over and over forever. I think at a certain point it's removed enough from the initial event that it becomes a catch-all. Not sure if we're at that point but just a heads-up that it'll obviously have to be closed if the link to the initial event gets too tenuous or far-removed.
This not some kind of response. This is direct response. The Indian Independence Day is normally an unnoticed event every year in Britain. But this year the violence occurred because of India's incorporation of Kashmir.

Anyway the thread will die a natural death if war does not occur over the next few weeks. Earlier it was thought that Pakistan will directly attack but it does not have summoned the will for that. But now that curfew is being eased in Kashmir it might activate some sleeper cell to explode some bomb in Kashmir. If large number of Indian troops are killed then India will have to attack. That will give Pakistan the chance to paint India as aggressor. The international media like Washington post and new York times and guardian and bbc are in cahoots with Pakistan since cold war days when India used to be on side of Soviet union while Pakistan used to side with west and will help build India's image as aggressor . That seems to be the gameplan.

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

As life in Kashmir starts limping back to normalcy , the chances of trouble breaking out increase. Let us look at the strategic situation .

Why India chose this time to incorporate Kashmir into India ?

The biggest reason seems to be Pakistan's weak economy. Pakistan is so economically weak right now that it does not have the ability to sustain intense war for more than a few days . India on the other hand can sustain war for longer period as it has built its war wastage reserves in past five years.

Also Pakistan's main ally China is having trouble in Hong Kong right now and cannot easily come to it's aid if war breaks out as it's attention is focused on Hong Kong.

Thirdly, India has invested heavily in Afghanistan and the impending US withdrawal from Afghanistan means Pakistan can unleash the Taliban ( Taliban is Pakistan's proxy ) on Indian assets in Afghanistan. But now India has made Pakistan focus on Kashmir and countered that impending move.

On the flipside however, India has not yet built it's hard military power enough. S 400 air defence systems from Russia, Apache tank busting helicopters from USA , 155 mm howitzers from Korea, rafale fighterjets from France have all been ordered. But the delivery of these will take three years . If India had incorporated Kashmir three years from now then India would have the military power to outclass Pakistan. Because Pakistan has no money to counter these military hardware purchases. But right now there is military parity between the two countries. So a war can go either way.

I am highly amused by Imran Khan's daily rants on Twitter, half of which are lies and the remaining filled with conspiracy theories that could make Alex Jones sound sane. Hell, even Trump is beginning to look intelligent compared to him.

The only thing left for Khan now is to start a petition, which would complete his transformation into an Internet troll.

Amidst all this, there was an important admission made by Qureshi, their foreign minister. It was most probably a slip of tongue on his part, which was not for the first time. But he claimed that Pakistan doesn't care about cancellation of article 370, but wants to only highlight the issue of Kashmir globally, which has been their long standing goal.

As for the issue, major restrictions have been lifted in Kashmir-read only Kashmir as Jammu and Ladakh continue to be happy and peaceful with the revoking of 370 and without any restrictions.

I must applaud the government's handling of the situation so far. Again so far is important here, cause situation can change. We don't know how the mischievous elements will react once restrictions are completely lifted. And then, there are Pakistani terrorists. The army has already foiled three infiltration attempts from Pakistan.

But apart from few protests, there have been no major incidents - irrespective of what some foreign media claim. On ground reporting states no major incidents. More importantly, NOT A SINGLE LIFE LOST.

Ash give this a read. This is an interesting take. Also, kinda explains why Doval and Shah would have pushed for a change. A stupid policy from previous governments that has continued for years, and instead given rise to our corrupt own.