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I don't know what you mean exactly by clunky? As far as 'dated' that doesn't apply to movies as far as I'm concerned.
Clunky - old-fashioned.
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Familiar with Cheeverís original story, but always avoided Lancaster movies. Isnít it dated & clunky?
No, I wouldn't consider it dated or clunky at all. It's a really well made film with substance, smart and entertaining.

No, I wouldn't consider it dated or clunky at all. It's a really well made film with substance, smart and entertaining.
Ok, I will now put it in my Netflix Q.

Cool. I hope you enjoy it. I would be curious to see what you think of it.
Donít hold your breath waiting. It will take at least a year to wend through my Q.

"Honor is not in the Weapon. It is in the Man"

Hilarious South African meshing of Father of the Bride and My Big Fat Greek Wedding with Rob van Vuuren in the titular role of a Boer farmer who must choose when his daughter gets engaged to an Englishman and his father, who could disown him if he allows the marriage to go through. Old school style humor with one gross out joke and van Vuuren's comic timing makes this a favorite of mine.
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I also liked this.

I found some scenes quite infuriating like Daniel cracking jokes when on the fone to the Benefits assessor....anyone knows they are humourless gets. I suppose it was made to stress the point. That Daniel was happy go lucky till his "occurrence"
Delightfully weird.
Man it was Stirchley!

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Just watched Serenity (2005) on dvd. I didn't enjoy this. I couldn't care about the characters and the story wasn't very interesting. There was some decent action, but overall the film dragged on far too long. I thought this was pretty generic and I'm a little surprised it is rated so high on various sites and made the top 100 sci fi list here. My rating is a

Welcome Home (2020) - 7/10. This was good stuff. Violent, gritty and dark. Loved it. Quite unexpected. Indian movies are mostly fluff, but this was quite different. Recommended!
My Favorite Films

Divorce Italian Style (1961) - 6.8/10. A very fine comedy! Delightful! Well acted.

Can't even see where the knob is

The Commuter - (2018)

Liam Neeson's wife and daughter get kidnapped again.

They don't, actually
How am I supposed to find someone willing to go into that musty old claptrap?

Divorce Italian Style (1961) - 6.8/10. A very fine comedy! Delightful! Well acted.
If anyone can make comedy out of divorce, kudos to them!

Cosmic Monsters (The Strange World of Planet X) - There's not all that much to recommend this 1958 British mutated creature feature. Originally released as The Strange World of Planet X in it's country it was retitled for it's American release. Forrest Tucker stars as scientist/stalwart hero Gil Graham with Gaby Andrť as his requisite love interest Michele Dupont. They work in the laboratory of physicist Dr. Laird (Alec Mango) where he's conducting increasingly hazardous experiments involving magnetic fields. After inadvertently changing the molecular composition of various metals he attracts attention from the Ministry of Defence. But the repercussions also extend to the surrounding countryside as creatures with short gestation periods such as insects are irreparably transmuted into ... cosmic monsters! Actually they're just normal crickets, ants, spiders and frogs filmed in closeup and shoddily superimposed into the wooded surroundings. These sort of feeble FX have a built in campiness factor to them which usually make them tolerable but the first half of the movie is so talky and slow moving that there's nowhere near enough good will built up. Martin Benson does do a pretty good as Mr. Smith, a celestial visitor who shows up when the out of control experimentation attracts the attention of his older and more advanced civilization. There are definite echoes of Michael Rennie's Klaatu from The Day the Earth Stood Still. But if you must get your Forrest Tucker on I suggest you watch The Crawling Eye instead.

I watched The Swimmer (1968) for the first time. Burt Lancaster is fantastic as a man who decides to swim in his neighbor's pools on his way home. But all is not as it seems and there is more to his story than originally appears. A must see film.
Good picture. Very unusual for its time. Lancaster was the perfect casting. I recall seeing it in the theater, and was drawn in, only to be shocked and frustrated by the ending. Still, a memorable film.

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The Fog (1980)

The most notable thing about this masterpiece by John Carpenter is the tension it maintains, from the beginning to the end, there's always something bad that you know will happen. There might have been maybe two jump scenes that were unexpected, but the majority of the scares are something you know is going to happen - just not exactly when.

The second thing that I missed the first time watching it decades ago is that men were men, and the women were completely useless. The men drink beer or whiskey, they have pickup trucks and boats, and they're always treating the women exactly as they deserve to be treated. Jamie Lee Curtis hitchhikes and the first thing she wants to know is if the guy who picked her up is weird. When he says "yes", she relaxes and they pretty much head to his place to shag. Adriane Barbeau (has she ever had a role that wasn't a single mother?) is a radio DJ whose entire reason for being is to give the guy listeners a stiffy. One of the better lines in the movie is when two guys are talking about how they'd like to do her, one guy says "I thought you were a happily married man?" and the other guy says "Not THAT happily!".

The last part of the movie perfectly encapsulates the uselessness of every woman in the movie when Adrian is trying and failing to scramble up a steep metal lighthouse roof wearing high heels.

The Black Scorpion - This is a passable 1957 creature feature that takes place entirely in Mexico. Unlike so many other giant bug movies of the era there are no inferences that the giant scorpions are the result of fallout from atomic blasts. These were supposedly released from their underground lairs by a sizable earthquake which created a new volcano. Richard Denning and Carlos Rivas play geologists who have been dispatched to study the new phenomena. They eventually run across conventional hottie and female ranch boss Teresa Alvarez (Mara Corday) who the Anglo half of the intrepid geologist duo quickly calls dibs on.

Anything not having to do with the giant arachnids is handled perfunctorily and predictably but the stop motion animation by Willis O'Brien and Pete Peterson is pretty decent. Actually it's the best part of the movie. Try not to fixate on the cheesy looking matte shots of the actual Black Scorpion rampaging through Mexico City. There's only the one really big one that makes quick work of his smaller brethren so it can set up the big showdown in a stadium versus the army and our two heroes and an electrified harpoon of sorts. There's also one too many cutaway closeups of the perpetually drooling and bulgy eyed monster.

But there is an extended segment inside the volcano where the geologists are lowered in a basket which gives O'Brien and Peterson an opportunity to trot out a couple of other creatures like a millipede, a spider and what looks like an oversized dust mite. Worth watching as long as you're not expecting them to reinvent the giant mutated wheel.