Boogeymen DVD


I was at this conference and
saw clips of this new DVD thats coming out, called Boogeymen. Basically
I think they are taking the best, most horrific scenes from all the
great horror flix and put them on a DVD, but they also have all this
great behind the scenes information and even commentary by the greats,
like Robert Englund who it is really cool to hear from! There is so
much to this DVD so its not like just a bunch of clips thrown together,
there is trivia, and a game where you guess what scene or movie a
screen shot is from. Looks really cool for everyone that has a whole
group of friends into horror pix...I'm pretty excited for this one, I
think it comes out October 2nd, and all the information is on the site
which is Its going to be a great thing for us to
have and I just preordered it on!!

Yea, I saw a tv spot for this. At first it looked a bit cheesy, but then the whole concept seemed pretty cool. I guess it just depends on how well the whole thing is produced. If it is done well, and looks really nice, then I'm sure more stuff like this will come out.

For example, you could do one on some of the funniest scenes ever in films....or most special affect sequences...the list goes on and on.


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Oh yeah, I've been reading about this in the mag we get at work advertising the movies coming out soon. It doesnt look too bad actually.
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It's all in how they format it. If they put it together with a crisp, professional feel to it, and have, say, a good narator, it could be very cool indeed. I dunno if I like the title, though. I think something more generic would be in order...though I'm not sure what.

I got the Boogeymen dvd and it seems like a pretty good dvd. I wish they had put more scenes in from the movies, as the actually movie is only 58 minutes. Still, the extras make up for it, as there is over two hours of extras. I found it kinda funny that out of the 17 movies they use scenes from, all but "The Ugly" and "The Guardian" had at least one sequal.

This was one of the discs mentioned and the Digicon in Chicago a few months ago. The disc is a Volume 1, there are supposed to be five in the series. At the meeting the studio was thinking that after the five are released, then they will release a set with a 6th *bonus* disc. Not sure if they are still thinking along these lines or not though. I have another group-studio meeting in two weeks...hopefully I can find out more.
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