Movie You're Watching Tonight


that Godzilla poster goes hard, holy smokes

Last night and today i have seen:

Judas and the Black Messiah

Minnie and Moskowitz ( Cassavetes)


Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

Tonights first movie will be:

Stations of the Cross ( 2015 )

Going to the Criterion Channel for some highbrow cinema:

When I first saw this poster it was somewhat surreal, but life was pretty damn screwed so I couldn't be bothered with going to an action movie, I had harder things to do. But now a whole decade later I am finally seeing it.

I saw this poster everywhere, more than the first one. They were upping the ante with expanding the stage to an all-star cast. My thoughts were how can they give all these stars enough screen time in one movie?

While I definitely remember seeing LoTR in the theatre, my memories are blurry about this movie. I saw this as a new release on DVD with family but I might have also seen it in the theater as well, but its sort of hazy. I do remember renting this on DVD some years later but was disinterested for whatever reason of influence and couldnt bring myself to pay attention and ended up walking away from the TV set in frustration. So, its been a long time since seeing this.

The new villain, Sith, was about as fascinating and badass as Darth Vader, at least visually, but I sided with Vader in the end as I enjoyed his performance more.

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