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Come on, Sexy. I know you wanna post some Whoopi pics.
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Jitka CerhovŠ

Ingrid Thulin

Li Gong

Jennifer Connelly

Setsuko Hara

Anna Karina

Yeong-ae Lee

Honey Ryder.

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I will post a couple of beauties!

J Law

Elize Ryd (Singer: Amaranthe)

Lana Parilla

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Marion Cotillard

Your friendly neighborhood film critic
@Sedai: Lana was so hot in Swingtown...

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A system of cells interlinked
Alissa White-Gluz (singer in Agonist)
Vocal Fry!

Weird style, but I like a couple of their tunes. Takes some getting used to, that's for sure. I like harsh vocals, though.

If she was a beauty, I wouldn't post her around Honeykid so much.