Iron Man


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Variety reports that New Line Cinema, which has worked with Marvel on the successful Blade franchise, hopes to turn Iron Man into a tentpole for its 2005 slate. The studio acquired the property in 2000, but has started from scratch with scribes Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, creators of the WB's top-rated Smallville and writers of current hit film "Shanghai Knights" and its predecessor, "Shanghai Noon."

"Iron Man," which first appeared as a Marvel comic in 1962, is the story of Tony Stark, inventor and owner of Stark Enterprises. His work in corporate espionage and international terrorism leads to an accident that forces him to go on life support in the form of a high-tech bodysuit. This also gives him an alternate identity, Iron Man, a being capable of a heroism Tony Stark could not achieve.

The trade adds that Marvel also is preparing adaptations of Fantastic Four at Fox, Man-Thing and The Punisher at Artisan Entertainment and Ghost Rider at Dimension Films.

"We want to continue to have tentpole global hits," New Line production president Toby Emmerich said. "That's not our main business, but our distribution partners have proved that we can take a franchise movie across the goal line. I think this can be one of those global franchises."

Arad added: "New Line Cinema has already proven its masterful interpretation of fantasy material by turning 'Blade' into a multipicture Marvel franchise and, of course, with 'Lord of the Rings.' We are confident that they will do another amazing job with one of our most popular characters, Iron Man."

I would love to see The IRON MAN movie, since he's one of my favorite comic book characters, i'll be one of the first people on line.

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