Terminator 3 what is up with that!!!

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No, now wait a minute special FX are very important it doesn't matter who does them as long as their great.
After all special FX is what the terminator is all about.
I disagree for he following reasons:[list=1][*]It has a good story[*]The special FX weren't the best[/list=1]

ARNOLD CAN'T and NO I don't think ALL SCI FI IS CRAP!!!! infact I happen to like scific... There is just a difference between Tasteful SCIFIC AND CRAP SCIFI!!!! AND I Know we're all welcome our opinions but there is no reason for NAME CALLING!!!!
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"Resident Evil 2:Apocolypse" Mila Jovavich
"Phone Booth" Colin Ferrel, Keifer Sutherland (2003)
"Pay it Forward" Haley Joel Osmond, Helen Hunt(2000)
"American Wedding" Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan(2003)
"Dogma" Ben Affleck, Matt Damon(1999)
"LOTR" 1,2 & 3 Vigo Mortenison, Elijah Wood (2002-2003)
"Thirteen" Holly Hunter, Nikkie Reed (2004)

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Originally posted by RedQueen83
ARNOLD CAN'T and NO I don't think ALL SCI FI IS CRAP!!!! infact I happen to like scific... There is just a difference between Tasteful SCIFIC AND CRAP SCIFI!!!! AND I Know we're all welcome our opinions but there is no reason for NAME CALLING!!!!
I agree that there is no need for name calling, to all moderators out there you should give users 3 warnings for their comments against other people and then if they persist they should be banned from the site.

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Originally posted by Beale the Rippe


And Arnold is actually not that bad an actor. He just has a bad rap because of all of the bad action movies he did. He has done some very good movies. Stop raggin' on my man Arnold.

Not only that but hes a pretty funny guy behind the movie screen. Has anyone seen Pumping Iron? The stuff he says and his arrogance through out the documentry is hilarious. The best part is when he was helping his body building friend bench by spoting and counting for him. Arnold starts counting in austrian and when he gets to 4 he translates 4 into a very long funny word causing the guy to totally drop the bar and laugh.

Then after beating Lou Ferrigno he continues to trash talk Lou in front of his own parents by wanting to ask for his sister out on a date.

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I think thats why Bloodsport was banned. I don't know though. Could someone PM me and tell me why Bloodsport was banned? It's driving me crazy!!!

(I asked this earlier I know).

Arnold is a good actor and a funny guy.

Arnold stars in quality sci-fi. Not sci-fi such as, I dunno, Resident Evil? (Sorry, that was below the belt. I haven't really seen the film, so I can't fairly judge it. Your liking it though is tempting me to see it.....I think i will.....very soon).

You are entitled to your opinion, and you shouldn't be called names becuase of it.

My opinion is that I love Arnold. He is great.

Your opinion doesn't matter, because Arnold is the man.

Edit: I'm watching it tonight. I'll PM you to let you know what I think. Or maybe I'll post it on your Resident Evil thread. Regardless you'll know tomorrow.
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Terminator 3 I believe that it's going to make money because it's just one of those movies that we remember growing up... But i really don't think that it's going to be better than the second one as the second one surpassed the first one.

But I do believe that it's going to have some nice action, and probably some good Computer graphics. I just hope they don't plan to make a part 4.

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My favourite movie of all time came out when I was just 2 years old and it's sequel when I was 8 but both being 18 certificate, I obviously never saw them in the cinema, but when I first watched "The Terminator" I was amazed at what people could do back then. Now as I'm about to hit 21 the 3rd installment is almost upon us and I have high expectations for the movie although nothing shall ever surpass the first 2 movies.

I'm just don't understand why is the terminator still the same old outdated model of the first terminator. Why not make him like the T2000 or something? Why must the good terminator always be the weak one.

Even though that new terminator (T-x) is a little hottie....come terminate me baby...rrarrr..

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Because the other Terminators ar prototypes, and the resistance can only capture one of the T-800's. (I think thats what they are)

That's right, the humans don't make the machines. They capture them and reprogram them...if i'm not mistaken.

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That's right the humans don't make the machines, the machines make the machines, but this seems to be happening in the world today. All cars and most machinery is constructed by machines with a little help from the humans of course, but for how long!?!

I believe that it's going to happen pretty soon.......
You know that The Terminator 3 could be the prequel to The Matrix

Because this is where the machines rebel against man and become powerfull......and then man tarnishes the sky.....and the machines take over them......what do you think?
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T3 review ahead. Possible spoilers. Beware, and read at your own risk:

First off, hasn't anybody else seen this yet? I took in a showing opening day on Wednesday, and I'll flat out say it was great!! I had a blast. Great summer fun. And R rated to boot, so nothing needs to be sugar-coated for the teen set. The story follows a now adult John Conner around, as he's keeping a low profile so that the machines won't know where he is. Of course that doesn't matter a whole lot to the machines, as they send a brand new Terminator back to the present(or whatever) to hunt down Conner and those who join him in the future. Which means the humans have to send back the Ah-nold Terminator to protect him. Throw in a plot that Judgement Day is close at hand once again. And let the chaos beign....

The Good: The biggest problem with big summer movies lately is that when you want lots of explosions and fights and violence on the big screen, you seldom get what you expect(i.e. Ang Lee's Hulk). Most summer flicks are geared for the under 18 crowd as it is, and thus PG-13 ratings ensue(the very worst thing to ever happen to movies if you ask me). Most movies get toned down in the fear the wee little ones will get the wrong idea and start shooting up their schools or whatever. Well not here, I'm happy to say. I went into this movie wanting brain candy, and I'm happy to report that is what you get. Loads of action, violence, explosions, some gore, and a color-by-numbers plot. Anybody who's followed the first two films will be pleased to know this follows the storyline well. The action sequences are top-notch stuff. The fight scenes are well executed. The latest Terminator(I forget the girl's name) is decent, loaded with all kinds of crazy gadgets. Arnold does a great job reprising his role as the good Terminator. He has a bunch of funny lines and shows he can still do this kind of flick well(how he comes across his clothes this time around is a riot). And oddly enough, I loved how the movie ended, setting up nicely T4. It's great fun, with Arnold back doing what he does best.

The Bad: Little. I'll gripe that the latest Terminator just doesn't come across as steely cold as Robert Patrick's in T2, but she serves her purpose well at any rate. A few continuity flaws exist(hey, why don't the machines just send a robot back to kill John Conner's great-great-great-grandparents instead? They never seem to learn from there past blunders.), but nothing to get too excited about, or is at least as good as any time travel flick can be. That, and I'm still wondering why the machines gave their Terminator cyborgs such thick Bavarian accents in the first place.

The Ugly: Judgement Day!!! Nice to see this movie going away from the Hollywood happy ending for a change.

Overall, a nice job. Maybe not up there with the previous two Terminator movies, but darn close. Loads of action is what I expected, and it's what I got. Most bang for your buck this summer.

Grade: A-.

Camp. Somewhat fun camp. And they just don't wanna stop with the psychiatrist walk-on parts. However, I did find him somewhat amusing. That pretty much describes the movie. Somewhat fun. Did I mention it was campy?
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Ah-nuld's a decent actor, and he plays the role of the Terminator damn well. Furthermore, anyone who regards the first two films as "crap" needs a CAT scan...they're both science fiction classics.

That said, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines was damned entertaining, and wove its storyline into James Cameron's existing world so well that it almost feels as if the three films were originally written as a single story. Hats off to Mostow for pulling it all together.

Oh, and a number of overly insulting posts (courtesty of BloodSport) have been removed. I hadn't seen them until now.

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Damn, I can't wait any longer to see this movie!! It comes out here on August 1, which is almost a whole month away and just to rub it in they put the trailers of both The Hulk (out on July 18) and T3 on before CA2: Full Throttle.

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I just watched T3 tonight and I have to say I loved it as it was full of action but seemed to stay true to the Terminator style. Stiltman summed it up quite nicely with the idea that Kirstanna Loken (T-X) doesn't create as much fear as the previous Terminators but she is nice to look at
WARNING: " T3" spoilers below
and i did find the Judgement day ending to be a great twist rather than ending it just like the last one with them blowing something up to save the world
I though Claire Danes did a great job as did Nick Stahl (wonder why they didn't use Edward Furlong he is now old enough for this part), the only thing that seemed to bug me was in the beginning she is all doubting of the machines and time travel idea and then she just goes along with it without asking for an explanation. I guess you could say she had other things on her mind and that's what her character was like but anyone in that situation would want a fullblown explanation on this "killer robots from the future killing fated resistance leaders" story
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The Terminator series:James Cameron had a dream {a real dream, not a dream that you have to do something}In this dream he saw fire, in this dream he saw a cyborg come out of the fire, later the cyborgs model was a T-800.The Terminator:A T-800 is send back in time {1984}to kill Sarah Conner.No records have been left of Sarah Conner so the T-800 just was gonna kill them all.The human resistance send a man who volenterred to proted Sarah Conner.The man who send who send the man , Kyle Reese to protect her, was Sarah Conner's son, John Conner.The Terminater a cybornetic organism who cant fell pain.At the end they destroyed the T-800 but the father of John Conner, Kyle Reese had died.Great film by James Cameron, with great actors, this movie made arnold the biggest action star ever.7 years later, the sequel came:Terminator 2:Judment Day:In this movie a more advance cyborg,{the T-1000}is sent back in time to kill John Conner himself which he was still a little boy.This time the human resistance sent a T-800 to protect John Conner, if your wondering how, the resistance stole Terminators from the Machines and programmed them to protect John Conner.At the end they had to destroy everything related with cyborgs so the war wouldn't happen.Great great film, great cgi effects.Now on tuesday I saw Terminator 3 : The Rise of the Machines, in this film they send the most advance terminator to kill John Conner and all the future war leaders, this Terminator is the T-X{Terminatrix}She is a human skin over liquid metal over endo-skeleton, they send a new T-850 to protect John Conner, but its still the same model 101, that's why it still looks like Arnold.Terminator 3 has great action, funny lines said by Arnold,a surprise ending, and great acting by Nick Stal.Great series, and now Terminator 4, I say there is gonna be one and it's gonna be about the war, Once again, my opinion.

This movie kicked some major ass in my opinion! I think it was right up there with the other two, maybe not in groundbreaking special effects, but in action sequences.

I was also glad to get rid of Sarah Connor, as I think she was getting old and John didn't like her anyway. But man, does she always seem to have a nice weapon arsenal!

This movie tied in excellently to the other two, and makes the anticipation high for the fourth terminator....

But how do they get arnold into another terminator?

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Originally Posted by downgrade88
But how do they get arnold into another terminator?
I'm not sure, everyone notices how the ending seems like a tie-in with a "T4" but it doesn't look like it'll be the normal Terminator story and will be dealing with JUST the present and the start of the humans vs machines war. Unless the machines decide to send ANOTHER terminator after Judgement Day, it seems unlikely that Arnold would fit into the story