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yeah but those are good super hereos.....The Punisher is not a good or bad guy he is just a Vigilante, but i do agree with you . it's most likely going to be PG-13 just because since it's comic books and kids read them... bring in some more money with the kids.....but the current issue are for a mature audience, and thats how i believe it should stay.

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Hey....Didn't I already make a Punisher thread...Jrs is steppin' on me toes.

don't be upset.

funny. So what are your views on The Punisher movie.

what do you mean pixar? it's Artisan thats doing it.

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I just watched the Teaser for this movie and I have to say that it seems interesting, although not much is given with the trailer

Watch the trailer

I can't wait to see punisher, i wonder when is it that there going to show a larger trailer... that teaser doesn't really do anything.
once again i need to know the movie rating(pg-13 or R) to see if it's going to be worth it or not....
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Originally Posted by Steve
This is probably the only comic book movie I will actually look forward to watching. The Punisher is the best comic character, period.

But onto the topic at hand. I haven't seen the Spiderman or Hulk movies... and i don't want to. I didn't see daredevil either because it looked less apealing then some sh!ts in the tiolet i have taken...but i will say this. THE PUNISHER is a movie i would see...and will see.

I just wish they would make a movie out of The Preacher....*sigh*
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That's the full trailer for The Punisher I assume and I must say it looks terrible. I still have hope for it but seeing them set it in Florida instead of New York just makes me wonder if they are doing this on purpose. This isn't a nitpicky comic junkie's criticism, I just thought the gritty urban environment was a given with the Punisher, not the marshy Everglades of Florida..
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thats not the full trailer, its the teaser

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It says teaser trailer but its a lot longer and seems like a full trailer if you actually watch it.

Who saw the trailer? Expectations for this one? It's another comic based movie, but I'm a big Punisher fan so I have high hopes. It's Artemis too, so it has a little better shot at being true to the books. I also heard a song from the soundtrack by a band called Edgewater, sounds pretty good. This is their site: and it has links to the trailer too.

It does look good. I can't to see it.

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good is just a complement more like amazing stupendous gloryous no but serious a punisher fan i cant keep my ass in my seat. I cant wait

I think it looks pretty bad

Maybe it's just the trailer, but I really want The Punisher to kick ass.