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Ok this is to settle an argument between two of my friends. One claims that she has seen a movie with the following scene. (the other obviously disagrees)

A guy is in some form of simulation world in which the simulation is apparently projected on top of reality. In the particular scene he enters a house and sees a round piece of cardboard on the wall labelled clock - apparently corresponding to what appears to be
a real clock in the simulation - he also sees cardboard boxes labelled table and chairs as well as a woman (possibly his mother) with two sticks one labelled knife, the other

Any help even if its just a lead to other info would be greatly appreciated.


Might be eXistenZ, but I wouldn't know ('cause I stopped watching after 15 minutes).

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Nope, I don't think it's eXistenZ.

Let me get this straight. One of your friends says he or she has seen this scene and the other friend says that scene doesn't exist???
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Did that scene occur in The Thirteenth Floor? I don't remember, it's been awhile.
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Pidzilla - that was pretty much the argument.