What nation has the hottest girls?


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This is the Thai actress I was talking about. Photos don't quite do her justice. She has more meat on her bones than most Asian actreesses.


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Last Life in the Universe

Syndromes and a Century

Those had some good looking gals, but none of those films emphasized it, like, let's say Wong does.

I don't think I have ever in my life seen a film from either of those countries you think top everyone.
Firstly, I said "competition" not top. Secondly, I put up Venezuela as the 'winner' of this.

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The pick of Venezuala is a good one. I know that as a whole American girls aren't necessarily the best pick, but when you are judging the best of the top they have to be at least considered.

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Hottest lobsta from the nation of Maine.

Ah-yah she's a looka.

The pick of Venezuala is a good one. I know that as a whole American girls aren't necessarily the best pick, but when you are judging the best of the top they have to be at least considered.
You've got 155m of them, you can't just be thinking about the best of the best.

However, as I said earlier, you've got this one, so I'm more than happy to put the US at the top of the list.

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Drew's definitely got a unique style about her... Her voice is pretty unique too.
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Bibi Andersson

Nuff said.

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There is definitely something about those Canadiens though (cough Rachel McAdams cough). And Avril Lavigne isn't too shabby for a Canadien as well.

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Honeykid's Law: As a MovieForums discussion grows longer, the probability of mentioning Drew Barrymore approaches 1. Then 2, apparently.

Ah, I have a Law named after me. This is good. Just wait until I AM THE LAW! She'll be on the money and stamps, there'll be statues of her and I'll change all the testcards on tv to this

Or, maybe, this

Or this

OK, so I haven't worked out which pic yet.

Damn It! I was going to say 'California Girls', but then I realised you asked for a country.
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Based on my limited exposure to South Africa, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel, France, Germany, the Netherlands, England, Scotland, Canada, Mexico, and the US, I prefer women from the southern US and especially Texas country girls.

I've heard it said that the easiest girls to steal away from their significant other are the Australian ladies. Seems Australian guys are deep into male bonding and get so busy trying to impress each other with booze and stories that their ladies feel neglected and susceptible to anyone who focuses on them. That also applies to a lesser extent to Scots and Canadians.

Middle Eastern girls are hard to pick up--in their own countries anyway. Continental European women generally have been disappointing. Israeli women are nice, look good in their uniforms, and often are armed to the teeth, but I was always nervous about going into a room just moments ahead of a grenade. Never could relax in that country.

One of the most beautiful women I've ever known was a young lady of Mexican descent when we were going to high school out in West Texas. Lord, I'd love to see her again, see how her life turned out. For some reason, Mexican girls always seemed to me to have the softest, smoothest skin. But the Texas cowgirls in their boots and jeans who are drawn to the blue neon of Texas honkytonks, where the atmosphere smells of spilled beer and unfulfilled dreams, with just a touch of desperation toward closing time as the dancers circle in a mating ritual--ahhh, there's no one like them anywhere else! Full of sugar with a touch of jalapeno!