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The Gospel According to St. Matthew - 4/10
Nice name, bad movie. At least for me. And I gave Pasolini's first two movies a strong 8/10. Maybe it was just the material.

I really *have* to be in the mood for Pasolini. An uncompromising director. This is one I have not seen though. His work is aggressive and, sometimes, inscrutable.

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I really *have* to be in the mood for Pasolini. An uncompromising director. This is one I have not seen though. His work is aggressive and, sometimes, inscrutable.
I think I've "tried" every other movie of his and just couldn't get into them, which baffles me, after seeing his first and thinking great things, and the second, also great. I think religion bored me in general, but none of his other movies grabbed me.

I couldn’t finish this movie. Maybe I should try again.
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talladega nights A-
Yes! Just watched this again last night. It's a gem.

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Shoot 'Em Up: 9/10
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I might revisit this one (was kind of tired when I started watching it) but it didn't do much for me on initial viewing. Really liked Liza and Michael was okay but their story outside the Cabaret seemed dull. The scenes inside the Cabaret, especially Joel Grey, were definitely the highlights of the movie.

Had I seen this poster first I wouldn't have watched this. The description I read on popular streaming service says : "A police officer has very little work as there is virtually no crime in his small California town...until three hoodlums appear and rape a young woman." Makes it sound kind of like a hillbilly Dirty Harry rip off when in reality it's a pretty unfunny sex comedy. The last 20 minutes, when the hoodlums finally show up and get their butts kicked was pretty okay.

8th Re-watch...my favorite chick flick has enormous re-watch appeal, a terrific screenplay and wonderful performances with standout work from Sally Field...she is spectacular here...watch her in that scene in the beauty shop when Julia Roberts has the seizure...flawless.

Shot Caller 2017

Incredible movie

Do you know what a roller pigeon is, Barney? They climb high and fast, then roll over and fall just as fast toward the earth. There are shallow rollers and deep rollers. You canít breed two deep rollers, or their young will roll all the way down, hit, and die. Officer Starling is a deep roller, Barney. We should hope one of her parents was not.

"Honor is not in the Weapon. It is in the Man"

: This was a surprising indie thriller that takes the August 1969 murder of Sharon Tate and not only changes the perspective from Manson to Tate herself but changes some other twists. However, the surprise comes in the form of Hilary Duff, who breaks against type to play the potentially ill-fated Tate. The film is set three days before to the night of the true crime. Pretty good performances with quite an ending I wasn't expecting.
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It's s good movie Ms. M, A one time watch for me though. Don't really understand the fascination with this movie although, as I say, it was good. Imagine what that daft bugger Coppola would have done with CGI back then?!
I respect your opinion For me the irony in this movie and some kind of absurd was the mirror of a view for war itself - this was what I liked the most.

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Mizoguchi's Story of the Last Chrysanthemum from 1939, hampered somewhat by less than perfect quality but ignoring that I admit I was amazed by how strong this was technically. His graceful long takes are already pretty much fully formed and you have great composition and atmosphere though out. Acting wise It almost feels like a silent film with very few closups and mostly physical performances which I think also works in its favour and makes it feel much less dated for me.