What are you listening to while you're MoFoin' it?


The People's Republic of Clogher
Damn, Tracey's still looking great, especially considering it's almost 30 years since I developed a massive crush on her.
"Critics are like eunuchs in a harem; they know how the Tatty 100 is done, they've seen it done every day, but they're unable to do it themselves." - Brendan Behan

Heard this song for the first time today. It made me very emotional. One of the best songs I've ever heard.

Three Days Grace - On My Own

''Haters are my favourite. I've built an empire with the bricks they've thrown at me... Keep On Hating''
- CM Punk

"Waste" by Smash Mouth for some reason. Wait a minute...do I actually like this song?