What are you listening to while you're MoFoin' it?


Adelitas Way - Invincible
''Haters are my favourite. I've built an empire with the bricks they've thrown at me... Keep On Hating''
- CM Punk

Going through the Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble discography atm. Fascinating stuff, all of it.

A system of cells interlinked
ďIt takes considerable knowledge just to realize the extent of your own ignorance.Ē ― Thomas Sowell

I've never really listened to the other two singers(Lang, and Case) on this album but I'm a fan of Laura Veirs so that got me interested in listening to this new album, so far it's excellent:

The People's Republic of Clogher
Heaven 17 - We Don't Need This Fascist Groove Thang

"Critics are like eunuchs in a harem; they know how the Tatty 100 is done, they've seen it done every day, but they're unable to do it themselves." - Brendan Behan