MoFo Fantasy Football 2021 - The Season


The trick is not minding
Regarding Godwin, I always felt his numbers increased due to the absence of both Brown and Gronk, and that when (if) they both return, they would drop. It wasn’t that hard of a decision to trade him. The issue was the risk/reward with D Williams with CEH possible return looming.

At the time, I had no RB’s, as 3 were injured (2 in the same day!) and the 4th on a bye. Hitting the waivers wasn’t going well. The trade was all I could make

Yeah you got slammed at RB. I mean most teams have been to some degree, but I remember thinking you'd had it particularly tough and then Patterson got hurt, too. You had absolutely nobody. Brutal.

The trick is not minding
It was a rough year for running backs all around. Henry, Elliot, Kamara, CMC (again), Cook….you’re looking at the top 5 picks iirc at that position and they all spent time on the IR.

It was a rough year for running backs all around. Henry, Elliot, Kamara, CMC (again), Cook….you’re looking at the top 5 picks iirc at that position and they all spent time on the IR.
That's the new standard. First round picks are overrated

Gordon's out, so Javonte's kinda a must-play now...but dang, I'm kinda thinking of playing him over Barkley and not Godwin, with Daniel Jones out.

Fantasy football is so, so dumb.

The trick is not minding
Brown being suspended should increase Godwin’s chances.

Btw, that makes all 4 of my RB’s who have missed time this year.

And yet, I can’t wait until next year.

Damn you, fantasy football, you’re a cruel mistress!

Yeah, the Brown thing helps.

CEH might be out again, too, in which case Williams probably benefits a ton. We shall see.

Meanwhile I'm actually benching...Hopkins, probably. QST, and so is Murray, so I guess it's Javonte *and* Barkley.

The trick is not minding
And now Johnson makes 5….count them, 5 of my running backs to be out for injuries this year.

Forced to start D Williams anyways, since I’m hit so hard at that position. Maybe that trade will work out this week, if CEH isn’t cleared to play.

Life as a shorty shouldn't be so rough
I bench Dallas Goedert in a last-minute decision because starting two tight ends didn't seem ideal.... Eagles started new QB this week, he seems to be doing well, 3/3, 61 yards, td... I wonder who he has been throwing to... oh, only to Dallas Goedert... got it. great. It's a good thing I'm already eliminated, otherwise I would already thrown myself through the wall.

The trick is not minding
I see Godwin’s doing well, so that’s cool. I guess.
*throws self through window*

I figured Minshew would do well, as he isn’t that bad of a QB. I’m just hoping he targets Smith a little more.

If I can just win the last 2 games, I’ll feel better.

But next year? Watch out guys. I’ll be on the warpath. I’m taking this league.

Until my running backs all go down….

Looks like you're gonna be okay, Wylde: Beantown struggling, and Thielen got hurt and didn't return. Two of his starters might combine for < 1 point.

Detroit going all in on being absolutely terrible. Tough times for lions fans. Yikes. How is Andy Dalton still in the league?
We are both the source of the problem and the solution, yet we do not see ourselves in this light...

Sometimes I ask myself questions like this, but then I try to list a few dozen better QBs and I never get there.
Dudes on the bench. There's potentially tons of guys better. He's an over paid bench spot guy. You don't need dozens of guys better than him you just need one if you're Chicago. You really want me to believe you can't name a dozen guys better than Dalton? I call bs on that.