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How do you find news and information on the movies you like?


I'm watching movies now for a very long time, years to be exactly.
And with the movies of Rio, I'm now wanting to search more on the internet for information on movies I like or find interesting.
Like Rio, or the Incredibles, Hotel Transylvania and others I like or find interesting.
But I don't really know how to do this.
Are there any great places that are most of the time up to date and update their informations about movies?
How do you find really hard to find information if you are really desperate to get to know more about a movie you are liking so much you can't actually wait without any information or knowing if even an next part is in development?
Please tell me more on how to do this effectively and efficiently.

Visit sites like Variety and, and follow them (and other people affiliated with the industry) on Twitter.

That and pop in to sites like this from time to time, since we post a lot of trailers for major releases.

IMDB (internet movie database) is probably the go to source for me.

Thanks for the replies. I have bookmarked the sites.

Go on Instagram or youtube and search for edit accounts. They make movies edits and that is usually how I find new movies or shows to watch.

"How tall is King Kong ?"
I generally use IMDB, sometimes wikipedia (nerd culture being what wikipedia is most useful for). I used to check The AVclub a lot, but it's one of the two websites that made me realize that people can be just as toxic, dishonest and short-sighted on my side of the political spectrum, in the name of my values, as they are on the opposite side (it was not a happy discovery, makes me a bit "stateless", bitter and pessimistic now). For very very nerdish cinema, I do check RedLetterMedia (I like their analyses in general, and they made me discover some nice films I'd have overlooked) and I've checked CineFix a lot as well (but since they got bought by IGN, they seem stuck with the most obvious, uninteresting and trendy themes).

So currently, my cycle is mostly : watch a movie, check the Honest Trailer and the Pitch Meeting of it, dive in the IMDB trivia and (if it's a historical movie) goof sections. And check wikipedia if there's one specific aspect that could be complemented there (when there's a reason to expect oddities about the production process, when there's an original book to compare to, when there's some scientific realism to check, etc).

In rare cases, I go check reviews on sites specialized on one aspect of the film (subsim or Jive Turkey aka Sub Brief if it's about submarines, Scott Manley's channel if it's about space, or some historian's website with a section on movies inaccuracies, that sort of stuff). There's always specialists who have fun tracking fictions about their field...

But yeah, nothing very solid and generalist anymore.

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I agree with IMDB for just general random trivia stuff about the making of the movie, but ignorance is often bliss. I used to love Braveheart, but now I can't watch it without thinking that this didn't happen, that didn't happen, and that sure the hell didn't happen!

Maybe if there was a way to get a list of movies that got it right!