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Raid On Rommel
Henry Hathaway, 1971
Drama, War

From TMDb:
Captain Foster plans on raiding German-occupied Tobruk with hand- picked commandos, but a mixup leaves him with a medical unit led by a Quaker conscientious objector.
WWII romp that initially doesn't really concern itself with being believable - being somewhat light-hearted in places and portraying the Germans as being so gullible it makes you wonder how the whole thing lasted longer than a few months really. It's not too badly acted though and the action scenes just about provide the requisite entertainment in a second half that thankfully mostly takes itself a little more seriously.

NomsPre-1930 Countdown

Fashionably late to every party since 1473!

Alex Proyas, 2009
Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

From TMDb:
A teacher opens a time capsule that has been dug up at his son's elementary school; in it are some chilling predictions -- some that have already occurred and others that are about to -- that lead him to believe his family plays a role in the events that are about to unfold.
Nic Cage led sci-fi actioner that I quite like the central premise of and which does provide for a level of entertainment despite a few story contrivances. Unfortunately though the first half is somewhat marred by some pretty poor CGI in places whilst although I don't so much mind where the story goes in the second half of proceedings I don't think it travels there particularly well and the coda is, imo, completely unnecessary.


The Challenge
John Gilling, 1960
Crime, Drama, Thriller

From TMDb:
Jailed for his role in a gang heist and ditched by its female leader (Jayne Mansfield), a widower (Anthony Quayle) decides to keep the loot.
Modest British crime thriller that's well enough made and not too badly acted, except for the fight scenes which are decidedly unconvincing most of the time. The tale may not be the strongest and certainly doesn't contain any real surprises but despite starting a little poorly is generally watchable and just about does enough to maintain interest.


Razgovor - [Conversation]
Ana Horvat, 2015
Animation, Drama
DVR - Filmbox Arthouse

From IMDb:
Etta spends a monotonous and tiring evening at home. On TV she sees a story that will change her view of her own world.
Somewhat crude two-in-one animated short (6 mins) that includes a nice nod to Georges Méliès and manages to feel like it's leading up to a profundity but sadly, for me, never quite fulfils on that promise.


The Trollenberg Terror aka The Crawling Eye
Quentin Lawrence, 1958
Horror, Sci-Fi

From TMDb:
An American investigator for the U.N., a German scientist and a British reporter join forces to investigate a series of disappearances and mutilation-deaths confined to a Swiss Alp and involving a thick, mobile cloud, a telepathic girl, an animate dead man, and tentacled, cyclopean beings from another planet.
Lower budget British affair that doesn't waste any time in getting going and, helped by a suitable score in the earlier stages, manages to generate a decent enough atmosphere. Unfortunately the budget certainly shows in the effects work and there's little by way of surprises in store for anyone conversant with this type of fare from the same period, but for the most part it's acted well enough and imo still provides for a level of entertainment.


La paranza dei bambini
- [Piranhas]
Claudio Giovannesi, 2019
Crime, Drama
DVR - BBC Four

From TMDb:
A gang of teenage boys stalk the streets of Naples armed with hand guns and AK-47s to do their mob bosses' bidding – until they decide to be the bosses themselves.
That brief synopsis makes it sound far more of an exciting affair than it actually is, unfortunately not only doesn't the tale live up to it but it also largely treads familiar ground (and somewhat less credibly at times than has been done before imo). It does however remain perfectly watchable and the acting is pretty decent for the most part, considering much of the cast are first-timers, with the lead being particularly good.


Mike Leigh, 2018
Drama, History
DVR - Film4

From TMDb:
An epic portrayal of the events surrounding the infamous 1819 Peterloo Massacre, where a peaceful pro-democracy rally at St Peter’s Field in Manchester turned into one of the bloodiest and most notorious episodes in British history. The massacre saw British government forces charge into a crowd of over 60,000 that had gathered to demand political reforms and protest against rising levels of poverty.
Somewhat disappointing piece that works better as a History piece than it does as a Drama. The period is nicely enough portrayed and it's a well enough acted affair but the narrative drags at times and though it all culminates in an event that really ought to provoke outrage it fails to do so because imo it neither has enough clout in the depiction nor contains characters that one has grown to care enough about.

Ivan Bogdanov, Moritz Mayerhofer & Asparuh Petrov, 2012
DVR - Filmbox Arthouse

From TMDb:
When did you last talk with your father? Will you ever ask him about those things that hurt you? In FATHER the reality of life is turned upside down to create an impossible dialogue - the dialogue between a child and a father that never happens.
Nice enough short (16 mins) that intertwines five tales of children who either are, or feel, abandoned by their father. The animation is somewhat crude and better in some places than others but generally feels quite suited to the material whilst the decision to have the same voice narrating each of the fathers helps tie the whole together imo.

Frank Henenlotter, 1990
Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi

From TMDb:
A medical school dropout loses his fiancée in a tragic lawnmower incident and decides to bring her back to life. Unfortunately, he was only able to save her head, so he goes to the red light district in the city and lures prostitutes into a hotel room so he can collect body parts to reassemble her.
Play on Frankenstein that's a nice idea but takes far too long to reach the reanimation, with an abundance of t&a but fun rather thin on the ground up to that point. The second half is an improvement but it's still somewhat light on amusement and, for me, the high-point of proceedings are the body-part creatures in the closing stages that hark back to the director's earlier Basket Case.


The Price Of Silence
Montgomery Tully, 1960
Crime, Drama

From TMDb:
Roger Fenton has been released from prison and stared to build a new life. But his past catches up when an elderly visitor is murdered in his office.
Modest British offering led by Gordon Jackson that incorporates blackmail, murder, a shameless hussy and an honest romance. There's nothing particularly remarkable about the tale but it's perfectly serviceable and told fairly effectively, being nicely paced for the most part with decent acting and a score that suits.